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Modify the Gun Court Act

Jason McKay | Sunday, February, 16 2020    

In England, the sentence for illegal possession of a firearm is a maximum of 10 years. This is a country with an average annual murder rate of 1.5 per 100,000. Read More

No love lost this Valentine's Day

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, February, 14 2020    

The season of lovey-dovey is upon us. As you read this the streets are filled with vendors hoping to “eat a food” from the sale of items in the customary red and white. Artificial and real roses, teddy bears, gift baskets, and inches of lace masquerading as undergarments will... Read More

Music fuelling crime

BY MARLANDO FRANCIS | Friday, February, 14 2020    

I recently watched an interview done by Winford Williams on his television programme On Stage. In this episode he visited Buju Banton's studio and discussed many issues, including the state of the music industry. It was an interesting discussion and, quite frankly, the best interaction... Read More

What is the colour of love?

Donna P Hope | Thursday, February, 13 2020    

Even as I think through the various activities that are jam-packed inside of this February, the line from Billy Ocean's popular song — What is the colour of love? — keeps coming back to me. Read More

Uncertain days for America with Trump acquittal

Raulston Nembhard | Thursday, February, 13 2020    

So, the Republican Party in the US Senate, as expected, circled the wagons around President Donald Trump and acquitted him of the charges for impeachment brought by the House. They did this by blocking any witness or documentary evidence that could have made their task of acquitting the... Read More

The reality of the Holness Administration — Part 4

Canute Thompson | Wednesday, February, 12 2020    

This is the fourth in a series which was started on December 5, 2019. In this instalment I will look at the environment. Read More

Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the rest

Robert Reich | Wednesday, February, 12 2020    

“ We renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country,” US President Donald Trump said recently. Read More

Catcalling and the sexual harassment Bill

BY Carolyn Graham | Tuesday, February, 11 2020    

 Her screams, shrill and discordant, pierced the woodland over the sounds of the storm like the cries of a crazed bird…“What are they doing to her?” the boy Pedro asked in a frightened voice. Read More

Afrocentrism and black consciousness

Clinton Chisholm | Tuesday, February, 11 2020    

Over the last 500 years Christianity in Africa, and in most countries with people of African ancestry, has been charged with outright racism (when non-blacks headed the hierarchy within denominations) and with inverse racism (when blacks headed the hierarchy within denominations). To these... Read More

Rich and 'rootsy' Reggae Month

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, February, 10 2020    

For those of us who danced through the transitions of ska to rocksteady and then rocksteady to reggae, this Reggae Month has special meaning. The music that had you singing along and livened your gatherings dances forever in your memories. Read More

Time to confront toxic masculinity

Alando Terrelonge | Monday, February, 10 2020    

I am horrified and angry. Read More

Principle? What principle?

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, February, 9 2020    

A bull dies with a grass in its mouth. — Luhya/Banyole proverb, Uganda  Read More

We won't manage crime if we keep shouting at each other

Jason McKay | Sunday, February, 9 2020    

The American general election of 2008 had two incredible candidates: John McCain and Barack Obama. In 2016 it had Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I often think of this as a reminder not to take great candidates for granted. Read More

Trump and Obama: Tale of the tape

Sunday, February, 9 2020    

President Donald Trump cannot help himself. The United States economy has recorded growth for 127 consecutive months since June 2009 — the longest ever period of sustained growth when computed on a monthly basis. Mr Trump is entitled to brag and boast, even though he has been... Read More

The Trump card in the Venezuela crisis

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, February, 9 2020    

When is a failed policy recognised as a failure and is abandoned for a new approach? That was the question that Barack Obama and his Administration had to confront after more than 50 years of a policy of trade embargoes, sanctions, and, at one point, invasion that failed to dislodge the... Read More


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