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The US and Cuba: Caribbean chooses cooperation, not confrontation

SIR RONALD SANDERS | Sunday, May, 24 2020    

Caribbean countries are, once again, being placed in a difficult position as they try to navigate a course between the United States and Cuba — two countries of great importance to them and for each of which they have great respect. Read More

Learning or house arrest?

Garth Anderson | Friday, May, 22 2020    

COVID-19 has changed how we do business, how we relate, and function as a society. Across the world, leaders and people are concerned about the economic, social, and psychological impact this “invisible enemy” will have on our societies and the psyche of our peoples. What is clear as... Read More

Fake news in the time of COVID-19

Ethon Lowe | Friday, May, 22 2020    

5G Technology is the cause of SARS-C o V-2 virus.The origin of the coronavirus can be traced to bat soup.The virus was manufactured in the lab (man-made).Orange peel inhaled as steam can cure the virus. Read More

Seems threat of defeat makes Granger think 'inclusion'

Gail Teixeira | Thursday, May, 21 2020    

I was incredulous after listening to the Benschop interview of David Granger on May 18, 2020 and reading the May 19, 2020 Guyana Chronicle report of the same interview headed up, ' 'I am confident' — President Granger not expecting a landslide victory but... Read More

Wash yuh pot, tun dem down, mango time

Lance Neita | Thursday, May, 21 2020    

One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has not been able to upend is the mango season. I am eating Julies and East Indian as if they are going out of style. The high-class mangoes have pushed the common mangoes, like the hairy and the number 11, out of the basket. Not seeing... Read More

Oliver Clarke: A life of commitment to the nation

Howard Gregory | Thursday, May, 21 2020    

The Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands joins with the countless institutions and individuals who are paying tribute to the late Oliver Frederick Clarke on the occasion of his passing. We join with those who have paid tribute to Oliver's contribution to the life... Read More

Returning residents: At what cost?

Glenn Tucker | Wednesday, May, 20 2020    

For some time now there have been sharp criticisms of our Government for not allowing Jamaicans abroad to return home at a time when borders everywhere are closed to incoming traffic. At least one media house has been supporting this view and giving a voice to anyone... Read More

Is the coronavirus a visitation from God?

Wednesday, May, 20 2020    

One of the first questions my neighbour asked me about the coronavirus is whether I believed it was a visitation from God. The question did not strike me as strange as I had heard it, or variations of it, before. I know that there are many people who hold this view, even among those who... Read More

175 years of Indians in Jamaica

M Salava Naik | Monday, May, 18 2020    

May 2020 marks 175 years of the arrival of the first Indians in Jamaica. Little did anyone know that a group of 261 Indians, landing at Old Harbour Bay in 1845, would inextricably link the fates of the people of these two countries for all times to come. Read More

End the suffering and humiliation of citizens seeking bank transactions

Linton P Gordon | Monday, May, 18 2020    

The Government needs to move quickly and deal with the situation existing now at nearly every financial entity throughout Jamaica, but especially at the commercial banks and those entities offering remittance services where people have to collect funds. The banks in... Read More

P J Patterson and the reparation journey

By Audley Rodriques | Monday, May, 18 2020    

  Read More

The story of an eventful return

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, May, 18 2020    

Owen (“Owen saving lives and protecting property” on Twitter), who is a front line worker in Jamaica's COVID-19 response, was downhearted as he listened to criticisms from folks in quarantine regarding their meals and check-in arrangements. In our telephone conversation, he listed... Read More

'What ah clock ah strike'

Sunday, May, 17 2020    

The monkey said: “It is God who gives us beauty, but how we act is up to us.” — Oromo proverb, Ethiopia Read More

Reparation: Magical dreams and uncertain destiny

CHRISTOPHER BURNS | Sunday, May, 17 2020    

History is for arguing. Despite the rhetorical brilliance of some of the arguments put forward in favour of reparation by prominent scholars, researchers and legal luminaries, such as the late Professor Barry Chevannes, Professor Verene Shepherd, Sir Hilary Beckles, Bert Samuels, and... Read More

Best news in a long time

AKSHAI MANSINGH | Sunday, May, 17 2020    

The last few months have been filled with stories of gloom and disappointment, particularly so in sport. Reading a Jamaica Observer news article about two of the most exciting young batsmen in the West Indies — Nicholas Pooran and Brandon King — wanting to play Test Cricket... Read More


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