The rise of these newcomer 'healers' and 'problem-solvers'

The Obeah Act must go. This Act was passed in 1898 and is aimed at protecting us from people who frequently use whatever means or instrument to frighten us or to give the impression that they possess supernatural powers and/or knowledge. Read More

Has the STEM train lost steam?
During the previous Government, former Education Minister Ronald Thwaites and the Ministry of Education and Youth and Culture at the time were on a policy shift to transform the education system by incorporating science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)...... Read More

There's nothing destroyed by man that cannot be raised up by God
On the morning of Sunday, September 17, 2017, the Saints Peter and Paul Church family in Liguanea, Kingston, Jamaica, encountered tragedy. At 1:30 am the security guard on duty raised an alarm of fire originating from inside of the church. As a consequence of quick...... Read More

American sabre-rattling may cost South Korea deeply
N orth Korea is a renegade State — a s tate seemingly run by madmen and where poverty and desperation are the daily realities of life. It is a nation that, on the face of it, will collapse at any time once enough...... Read More

Bad mind, ahoy!

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, September, 17 2017    

To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have change often. — Winston Churchill  Read More

Disunity: We need to call a truce

Al Miller | Sunday, September, 17 2017    

Nations rise and nations fall. Such has been the history of humanity. Studies have been done to determine causal and warning patterns. Books have been written on the rise and fall of nations that attempt to encapsulate and elucidate the research for the common reader. Read More

India: Responding first as a leading power

Dr Constantino Xavier | Sunday, September, 17 2017    

The emerging concept of India as a “first responder” reflects the country's growing capability and increasing willingness to assume the role of a leading power. By contributing its resources to prevent or mitigate regional and international crises India is... Read More

The job of securing the nation

Keith Gardner | Sunday, September, 17 2017    

Security is the foundation on which societies dating back to early civilisation were built. Indeed, in societies with hunters and gatherers it was not unusual to have able-bodied members remain to defend the tribe from invaders. Today, security is regarded as the foundation on which firms,... Read More

When lightning brings

Lorenzo Smith | Sunday, September, 17 2017    

I want to start by acknowledging the work of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority. One can argue that Jamaica has enjoyed a considerably safe airspace, and for that we have to be grateful. With that said, I want to comment on the recent disturbance to the Jamaican airspace with the... Read More

Is this America?

Bernard Simelton | Sunday, September, 17 2017    

“In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed...” — US Constitution 1789 (rev 1992)  Read More

Lessons from Hurricane Irma

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, September, 17 2017    

Since September 6, when Hurricane Irma — the most monstrous storm that the Atlantic has endured in history — thundered up to the tiny island of Barbuda and devastated it, I have been telling audiences in Washington, DC, and through the media to the wider... Read More

Let's use local best practice to transform education faster

Franklin Johnston | Friday, September, 15 2017    

Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid may have scored an own goal by criminalising (almost?) his best schools and principals, but this energised debate on education — great! Education for all is now on a bipartisan path, but tweaking or innovation — which... Read More

After Hurricane Irma, where is the helping hand?

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, September, 15 2017    

LAST weekend the weather took on a bully attitude. Word had been coming in about the path of destruction caused by Hurricane Irma. Through Friday and Saturday Irma battered the Caribbean islands, and by Sunday she was headed to South Florida, and there she went wild. Read More

Content regulation: 'next generation' issues and solutions

Prof Anthony Clayton | Thursday, September, 14 2017    

The media and communication industry is undergoing a profound transformation. In the old era, the media industry was organised, legislated and regulated by infrastructure (radio, television, telephone, print, etc), which imposed clear divisions and boundaries. Today, content flows over... Read More

Violence did not start in the 1970s

Michael Burke | Thursday, September, 14 2017    

Jamaica has a problem with crime and violence that is far more serious in specific areas of the country. While stating the facts, there are some who are very selective with what they choose to relate. This is why witnesses in court swear to tell the truth, the whole... Read More


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