Is Peter Phillips promising a new heaven and new Earth?

PHILLIPS.. Jamaica’s economy will suffer under the current Jamaica Labour Party Administration (Photo: Observer file)

Now that the major part of the 2017-18 Budget Debate has ended, the country is in a better position to see the Government’s intentions for the fiscal year. Understandably, such intentions will not please everyone, and indeed could not. There are too many disparate interests to satisfy; too man ... Read More

When it comes to education we have the same issues, boys are given the rough treatment and we are seeing the negative results. Men under siege
Our men are under siege and are involved in a daily and oftentimes ignored fight for their lives. Wh ... Read More

Minister of Finance Audley Shaw (left) has a word with Prime Minister Andrew Holness in Parliament yesterday. Photo: Garfield Robinson Holness, Shaw still need to apologise to Jamaicans
The explanation given to the nation by Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Finance Minister Audley Sha ... Read More

The Jamaican education system is a mirror of the pervasive culture which shifts blame by pointing fingers when someone is to be held accountable. Navigating the realities of the teaching profession: Chronicles of a beginner — Part 2
In my last article, published on January 31, 2017, I discussed the realities of the teaching profess ... Read More

Careful how we reach back in history to castigate, Higgins

Hugh M Dunbar | Tuesday, March 21, 2017    

MANLEY... did not live to see the People’s National Party serve more than two terms of Government in succession

I believe that for a nation to progress it must have a clear understanding of its past, not with a view of placing blame, but to note those things that were successful, and failures. The past provides invaluable lessons in causes and effect, and the circumstances that lead to both, which if understood will provide a road map to make our decisions today. This brings me to the much-revered tendency of reaching back into history to castigate or lionise individuals whose actions have had lasting im ... Read More

Derek Walcott: Caribbean colossus

Wayne Kublalsingh | Monday, March 20, 2017    

The late Derek Walcott (Observer)

Derek Walcott, by his work, achieved three colossal feats. First, he wrote about the Caribbean landscape in such as way as to magnify it. Not only did he give our landscape a certain epic status, he conferred on it deific significance as perhaps only the fallen Taino, Arahuacan ancestors, deified before. Here is Walcott writing in Omeros: … he same sunrise stirred the feathered lances of cane down the archipelago’s highways. This is not just cane. Cane you pass by when comin ... Read More

Those economic growth rate predictions...

BY PAUL WARD | Monday, March 20, 2017    

Having examined the debt to gross domestic product (GDP) predictions and outcomes in a previous comment on this year’s fiscal policy paper (FPP) which accompanies the budget (although it was much-delayed this year), I turn now to the figures given on economic growth. Their seems to be some improvement for 2016, but the data show clearly that the fluctuations in the quarterly economic growth rate over the last three years have been driven very much by agriculture (except manufacturing doin ... Read More

Portia Simpson Miller’s historic journey

Monday, March 20, 2017    

SIMPSON MILLER... I have seen first-hand how people can rise from poverty and obscurity to greatness (Photos: Garfield Robinson)

Portia Simpson Miller’s budget presentation last week was in fact a fond farewell. What a journey she has had serving, for over 40 years, as Member of Parliament of St Andrew South Western, a constituency of serious challenges — the type that women politicians tend to inherit. It took courage for young Councillor Portia Simpson to step up and campaign to become a parliamentarian, and even more to seek the presidency of the People’s National Party. This column has commented on h ... Read More

The PNP, Michael Manley and democratic socialism wrecked Jamaica

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, March 19, 2017    

MANLEY...swept into power on the ‘better mus’ come’ slogan

A tree is known by its fruits. — Zulu Proverb Some weeks ago I predicted in this space that one of the primary strategies of the People’s National Party in Opposition (PNP) would be the propagation of fake news. The PNP is entirely predictable these days. This excerpt from last Monday’s Jamaica Observer is the most recent evidence that I am right. “Opposition Spokesman on Finance, and the man who will take up leadership of the People’s National Party (PNP) later t ... Read More

Radical advocacy: Are we ready for it?

Lorenzo Smith | Sunday, March 19, 2017    

Black Muslim leader Malcolm X

Over the past two weeks or so there has been much criticism, scepticism, and a general lack of understanding about the aims and objectives of the #TambourineArmy. Much of this lack of understanding was displayed on social media, particularly Twitter. Twitter is ironically the same space within which several members would voice their displeasure with an issue and would go as far as to call for a revolution. But do we understand the trappings of a revolution or, better yet, are we ready for it? ... Read More

Vision or perish: So where are the visionaries and the vision?

Al Miller | Sunday, March 19, 2017    

MANLEY...had a vision that excited a people to possibilities

In this series of articles I have invited you to look at the critical elements to build a great nation: the new Jamaica we all desire. So far we have looked at two fundamental pillars: Justice and Truth. Now, let’s look at a third: Vision. John Lennon, one of the famous British band The Beatles, wrote a song in 1971 that enraged some and encouraged others. It said in part: “Imagine there’s no countries It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, t ... Read More

Commonwealth free trade: A British straw man?

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, March 19, 2017    

LONDON, United Kingdom — British Prime Minister Theresa May delivers a speech on the government’s plans for Brexit at Lancaster House in London.(Photo: AFP)

A Commonwealth Free Trade Area (FTA) would go down in India “like a lead balloon”. That’s the opinion of Indian Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor as British ministers and Empire-dreamers run around Britain trying to promote the idea that a Commonwealth FTA is a viable alternative to trade with the European Union (EU) which Britain has elected to exit. A harsher view is expressed by Kehinde Andrews, a columnist with British newspaper, The Guardian: “Rather than accept r ... Read More

Let’s look again at the meaning of Black History Month

K Churchill Neita | Sunday, March 19, 2017    

Internationally acclaimed artiste Bob Marley

During February, while the black world celebrated the annual tradition of Black History Month, there was a virtual silence in Jamaica despite its overwhelming black population. Unbelievably, neither the media nor our institutions of education seized the opportunity to inculcate the achievements of black Jamaicans and their contributions to western civilisation. As our National Hero Marcus Garvey informs us, a nation that is ignorant of its past is like a tree without roots. Our children would ... Read More

Promises, principles and performance

Dr Canute Thompson | Sunday, March 19, 2017    

Dr Canute Thompson

Let us agree that taxes are required to run a country and political parties must make promises when presenting themselves to the electorate. But we can also surely agree that not every form of taxation is justified and that political parties should not engage in the making of wild promises, the keeping of which they know is either harmful to the country or not sustainable. Despite what the Government may say about having kept the promise of the $1.5-million ‘tax break’, the claims ... Read More



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