Hurricanes and why orange oranges are green in Jamaica

The more time passes since the last storm the closer we are to a hit. Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria cleansed the Earth and nourished aquifers. They have made us ponder our mortality and exercise charity as “the greatest… is love”. Irma was... Read More

Mother Nature has not been too kind
QUESTIONS of the day (for me at least):. Will we demonstrate that we are worthy of high marks for responding to the urgent need of fellow Caribbean neighbours who are being battered and bruised by wind and rain which seem without end? Public appeals are being launched by churches and...... Read More

Climate change uncertainty
I'm certain that we will hear it ad nauseam that Harvey and Irma, the two recent destructive hurricanes in the United States and the Caribbean, were caused by climate change and that they are incontestable evidence of man ravaging the planet to his own detriment.... Read More

Slavery in the Bible: A rejoinder to Dr Abrahams
In the Mosaic code there are regulations regarding a master striking his slave (Exodus 21: 20-21), or causing permanent injury to a slave (Exodus 21: 26-27). It is simply not true that the latter text, according to Dr Michael Abrahams, “stated that it was permissible to knock out a...... Read More

Pirates, 'Group 69' and solutions for today

By Michael Burke | Thursday, September, 21 2017    

We already know the short-term solutions to violence. The zones of special operations imitative is the latest in a series of short-term solutions going back to the state of emergency for West Kingston only in 1966. From the 1970s onwards, there was the Gun Court, the Suppression of... Read More

Amend constitution to protect people living with HIV

Wednesday, September, 20 2017    

The February 25, 2016 General Election was preceded by several conversations and speeches about the importance of and need for constitutional reform. Hot topics included the removal of The Queen as our head of State, replacing the Privy Council with the Caribbean Court... Read More

The banks as Shylock

Wednesday, September, 20 2017    

The matter of banks charging exorbitantly high interest rates is one that has persisted in the country for as long as one can recall. I have been writing about this issue for well over 25 years and what has remained clear over that period is the banks' stubborn refusal... Read More

The rise of these newcomer 'healers' and 'problem-solvers'

Linton Gordon | Tuesday, September, 19 2017    

The Obeah Act must go. This Act was passed in 1898 and is aimed at protecting us from people who frequently use whatever means or instrument to frighten us or to give the impression that they possess supernatural powers and/or knowledge. Read More

Has the STEM train lost steam?

Henry Lewis | Tuesday, September, 19 2017    

During the previous Government, former Education Minister Ronald Thwaites and the Ministry of Education and Youth and Culture at the time were on a policy shift to transform the education system by incorporating science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)... Read More

There's nothing destroyed by man that cannot be raised up by God

Donald Chambers | Tuesday, September, 19 2017    

On the morning of Sunday, September 17, 2017, the Saints Peter and Paul Church family in Liguanea, Kingston, Jamaica, encountered tragedy. At 1:30 am the security guard on duty raised an alarm of fire originating from inside of the church. As a consequence of quick... Read More

American sabre-rattling may cost South Korea deeply

Alexander Scott | Monday, September, 18 2017    

N orth Korea is a renegade State — a s tate seemingly run by madmen and where poverty and desperation are the daily realities of life. It is a nation that, on the face of it, will collapse at any time once enough... Read More

Bad mind, ahoy!

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, September, 17 2017    

To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have change often. — Winston Churchill  Read More

Disunity: We need to call a truce

Al Miller | Sunday, September, 17 2017    

Nations rise and nations fall. Such has been the history of humanity. Studies have been done to determine causal and warning patterns. Books have been written on the rise and fall of nations that attempt to encapsulate and elucidate the research for the common reader. Read More

India: Responding first as a leading power

Dr Constantino Xavier | Sunday, September, 17 2017    

The emerging concept of India as a “first responder” reflects the country's growing capability and increasing willingness to assume the role of a leading power. By contributing its resources to prevent or mitigate regional and international crises India is... Read More

The job of securing the nation

Keith Gardner | Sunday, September, 17 2017    

Security is the foundation on which societies dating back to early civilisation were built. Indeed, in societies with hunters and gatherers it was not unusual to have able-bodied members remain to defend the tribe from invaders. Today, security is regarded as the foundation on which firms,... Read More


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