The possible effects of medical cannabis on public health — a pharmacist's perspective, Part 2

We started this conversation on Tuesday, July 11, 2017, we now focus on cannabis use in adolescents: Read More

Nurses under stress as violence near-cripples the public health system
' Health system buckles under pressure' was the Jamaica Observer news headline on July 7, 2017....
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The girl who sullied the bandana ... or is that what really happened?
What a firestorm we have to deal with only weeks away from Independence Day....
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The JDF as a military university
The National Poppy Appeal Committee seminar was held on Saturday, July 15, 2017 at the Jamiaca Defence Force's (JDF's) Moneague Training Camp. The main aim of the seminar was to strengthen communications between the national committee and the respective parishes in...... Read More

Two sides of the coin

BY REV AL MILLER | Monday, July, 17 2017    

 Tackling the Right Problems!The growth and development of a nation can only effectively take place in an atmosphere of peace and stability. Conflict simply produces fear and destruction. Read More

The relevance and state of US-Caribbean relations

Ronald Sanders | Monday, July, 17 2017    

The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC has produced a publication entitled, “The Relevance of US — Caribbean Relations – Three Views”. The title is misleading. Read More

Not surprised at PNP's response to Shaw's telephone bill dilemma

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, July, 16 2017    

Proverb: Quatti buy chubble, hunjed poun' cyaan pay farri Read More

Sygnus Capital another growth driver

Audley Shaw | Sunday, July, 16 2017    

The following is the text of the presentation by the Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Audley Shaw at the launch of Sygnus Capital Limited on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at the Porsche Centre in New Kingston.   Read More

Mendacity? Trickery? Insincerity? — Will PM Holness do the right thing with the OCG Report?

Canute Thompson, PhD | Sunday, July, 16 2017    

The report on the findings and conclusions of the Office of the Contractor General (OCG) into the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Government's $800M de-bushing programme, which was implemented 10 days before the November 28, 2016 Local Government Election, was presented to Parliament on June 29,... Read More

OCG de-bushing report — JLP Government corruption, recommended solutions to re-build trust

Dr Peter Phillips | Sunday, July, 16 2017    

The following is the presentation made by Opposition leader, Dr Peter Phillips at a press conference on Thursday July 13 regarding the report on de-bushing by the Office of the Contractor General (OCG).   Read More

Clear, hold, build is a hard road

Franklin Johnston | Friday, July, 14 2017    

The debate is over. Parliament has agreed, so let's move to quell crime in Zones of Special Operations (Zones) and nationwide. We will support the security forces in their lawful acts to create the low crime nation we crave. We gave up some choices in a just cause but do not celebrate, as the... Read More

The politicians and the label

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, July, 14 2017    

Talk the truth…would you like to be a politician; a leader of the people in Jamdown? As one “Mister Man” said to the other, how many fancy cars can you be driven in, with the streets being cleared by sirens, announcing like the passage of a king (or queen)? You don't have to... Read More

Let's build on the momentum of boys' GSAT achievement

Wayne Campbell | Thursday, July, 13 2017    

Boys' underachievement has been at the heart of many academic journals and discussion over the years. The issue is not unique to Jamaica; in fact the concern is of global significance and is rooted in both a socio-political and educational ideology. Read More

Champagne taste on a lemonade budget

Thursday, July, 13 2017    

If this $8-million phone bill debacle is not a case of Champagne taste on a lemonade budget, then I don't know what is. I, like many other ordinary Jamaicans, am incensed by the recent revelation that the minister of finance has somehow accrued a phone bill of $8.34... Read More

Four 7s and the constitution

Michael Burke | Thursday, July, 13 2017    

Last Friday, Juy 7, 2017, was the 40th anniversary of the day when the “four 7s clashed”. Oral folklore had it that Marcus Garvey had prophesied all kinds of violence to happen on that day and that “heads would roll down King Street”, among other... Read More


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