Jamaican blackface

As a majority black nation, Jamaica's people have a knack for spotting out racism in other societies. Historically, our leaders have been keen to denounce racism. Marcus Garvey, our first national hero, continues to be celebrated for his early contribution to the 1960s civil rights movement and... Read More

Holness's opportunity to stamp out gutter politics
It is a pity that in reacting to Donna Parchment-Brown, the political ombudsman, Prime Minister Andrew Holness came across as an aloof, arrogant, and high-handed ruler who dares anyone to question his action.... Read More

Stop the waste, review Ruthven Towers proposal
 ... Read More

NDM plea for a united front on crime
Dear Editor,The following is aN open letter to Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Dr Peter Phillips, leader of the Opposition: I am writing to you both regarding the matter at caption.... Read More

Private​ ​markets​ ​or​ ​public​ ​mayhem​​?

Duane Smith | Monday, September, 25 2017    

An integral part of management is knowing when to let go. Kenny Rogers offers priceless management advice which he received from a stranger. Successive administrations have attempted to rectify the perennial problems within the market districts in the Kingston and St... Read More

Elder abuse and history rewritten

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, September, 25 2017    

“I am appealing to Jamaicans… to enable and protect the elderly!” This was the impassioned plea from Labour and Social Security Minister Shahine Robinson as she condemned the abuse of our elderly, even from their own families. She vowed that her Government will not... Read More

Caribbean bowed but far from beaten

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, September, 24 2017    

This week I was asked to provide an answer to questions posed by an influential Washington-based publication regarding the future of tourism in the Caribbean in the wake of the damage wreaked in quick succession by two Category Five hurricanes. The questions were... Read More

Did Julian Robinson and Peter Phillips buy a cloak of moral and political superiority?

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, September, 24 2017    

Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it. — Thomas Paine  Read More

The issue of public trust

Sunday, September, 24 2017    

Every government has a duty to seek to create and maintain public trust. I have been wrestling with how, as a country, we can do a more effective job in creating the conditions for elected officials to act in ways that engender public trust. Keith Burrowes, writing in the Guyana Chronicle in... Read More

A code of conduct needed for school sports

Lance Neita | Sunday, September, 24 2017    

The schoolboy football season is in full swing. One habit they have managed to keep out of school sports is the earring style adopted by the West Indies cricket team. Indeed, the teams that do best in cricket are the ones that are not wearing them at all. The demise of West Indies cricket... Read More

Jamaica's crime crisis… how did we get there?

Jason McKay | Sunday, September, 24 2017    

The most discussed topic in our country, and rightly so, is crime. It has the greatest impact on the lives of Jamaican citizens — not just victims or relatives of victims, but that large group of people trying to avoid becoming future victims. Read More

Mother Nature has not been too kind

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, September, 22 2017    

QUESTIONS of the day (for me at least):. Will we demonstrate that we are worthy of high marks for responding to the urgent need of fellow Caribbean neighbours who are being battered and bruised by wind and rain which seem without end? Public appeals are being launched by churches and... Read More

Hurricanes and why orange oranges are green in Jamaica

Franklin Johnston | Friday, September, 22 2017    

The more time passes since the last storm the closer we are to a hit. Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria cleansed the Earth and nourished aquifers. They have made us ponder our mortality and exercise charity as “the greatest… is love”. Irma was... Read More

Climate change uncertainty

Ewin James | Thursday, September, 21 2017    

I'm certain that we will hear it ad nauseam that Harvey and Irma, the two recent destructive hurricanes in the United States and the Caribbean, were caused by climate change and that they are incontestable evidence of man ravaging the planet to his own detriment. Read More

Slavery in the Bible: A rejoinder to Dr Abrahams

By Clinton Chisholm | Thursday, September, 21 2017    

In the Mosaic code there are regulations regarding a master striking his slave (Exodus 21: 20-21), or causing permanent injury to a slave (Exodus 21: 26-27). It is simply not true that the latter text, according to Dr Michael Abrahams, “stated that it was permissible to knock out a... Read More


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