From the pipeline to built by Labour

 You could sum up the difference between the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Government's approach and that of a People's National Party (PNP) Government to building a nation in this way: From the pipeline to reality. Read More

Discrimination: It may well be necessary
 I have been seriously asking this very important question from the moment I started following American politics: How necessary is discrimination for a moral, functional society?... Read More

They think they've thrown local architects a bone (token)
It is somewhat refreshing to see the range of commentary presented by members of the architectural profession recently regarding the proposed location of a parliament building at National Heroes' Park. I agree with most of the expressed sentiments from the Jamaica...... Read More

Is Jamaica 'coming in from the cold'?
“Well, the biggest, biggest man you ever, ever did-a see, was-a was-a once a baby in this life, in this life, in this life in this, oh, sweet life, we're (coming in from the cold) from the cold.” — Coming in From the Cold, Bob Marley, Uprising album, released...... Read More

A blot on our nation

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

If you close your eyes to facts you will learn through accidents. — Moroccan proverb  Read More

Foreign policy lessons from the resistance of Rastafarians

Sir Ronald Sanders | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

The use of force is still very much a part of the foreign policy and diplomatic considerations of all states, even small ones. In the latter case, what they consider is not using force themselves, but force being used against them. Read More

The principle of (good) authority

Al Miller | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

Increasing numbers of people, sectors and organisations want a world without rules to govern their behaviour. They want to be free to follow their feelings and ideas without restrictions. Whereas rights and liberties must be allowed, they can never be carte blanche and... Read More


Delroy Beckford | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

It is not very often that a topic of much significance has gone almost unnoticed by key observers when it relates to the country's future economic development. Maybe this is a case of flogging a dead horse and, therefore, small wonder not much interest, it seems. Read More

Use your votes to protect yourselves and Jamaica

Bruce Golding | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

Taken from an address to a town hall meeting last Thursday at the Jamaica Performing Arts Center in Queens, New York, put on by GraceKennedy Money Services and Western Union.  Read More

Who were Corinaldi, McCatty and Lightbody to Montego Bay?

Shalman Scott | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

“...but AGS Coombs, working in the mold, manner and shared vision of David Areleus Corinaldi (1896-1920) and Phillip Lightbody (1921-1936), both members of the Legislative Council, achieved much for the beloved City of Montego Bay” ... quote Shalman Scott's... Read More

The elusive growth

Edward Seaga | Sunday, May, 20 2018    

Planning is very often an art, not a science. Those who practise planning as a science need to be mindful of the words of President Harry Truman, who said he wanted to deal only with one-hand economists because all the others with two hands were always telling him “on one hand and... Read More

Away with it!

Franklin Johnston | Friday, May, 18 2018    

Remember price controls? The Rent Restriction Act (RRA) of 1944, now under review, purports to help the masses, but does the opposite. It limits housing supply; creates artificially high rentals, house prices; and foments conflict with poor owners and tenants. Read More

Learning together from Sewanee, Tennessee

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, May, 18 2018    

Riddle me dis, riddle me dat… Okay, so I have something to tell you, but to do so I have to bring into the story a place called Sewanee, the University of the South, Tennessee, USA. Sewanee is a liberal arts college and also a school of theology. Probably you may never have heard... Read More

Pentecost, credit unions and history

By Michael Burke | Thursday, May, 17 2018    

  Read More

The JCF-JDF connection

BY Ian Haughton | Thursday, May, 17 2018    

  Read More


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