Take the politics out of public sector reform

At a recent forum put on by the Planning Institute of Jamaica in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the new Minister of Finance and the Public Service Dr Nigel Clarke reaffirmed Government's intention to move ahead speedily with the... Read More

For closer partnership and greater cooperation
Wah gwaan, Jamaica?!... Read More

Zuckerberg must be regulated
Finally, Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook has been called to testify before Congress. This follows disturbing revelations and persistent questions about data handling and privacy.... Read More

Not 'bright' enough for a primary school?
There is a dangerous, yet largely ignored trend taking place in many of Jamaica's primary schools — the discriminatory practice of selecting children for enrolment based on their academic competencies. Admittedly, this is hardly new; private schools have been doing this for years.... Read More

Beckles misdiagnosis gets failing grade

BY ERROL W A TOWNSHEND | Monday, April, 16 2018    

 Enough is enough!Before I join the vast multitude who have given up on West Indies cricket, let me give it one last try. Read More

Moves to strengthen our Jamaica

Jean Lowrie-Chin | Monday, April, 16 2018    

St Andrew justices of the peace (JPs) and lay magistrates turned out in numbers to hear Justice Minister Delroy Chuck at our quarterly meeting last week. Custos Dr Patricia Dunwell reminded us of our responsibility to visit prisons, children's homes and infirmaries in our advocacy for... Read More

Skills education and the fourth Industrial Revolution

Everton Pryce | Sunday, April, 15 2018    

Long before Prime Minister Andrew Holness declared that there does not exist sufficiently trained workers in present-day Jamaica to meet the necessity of economic growth and job creation, at a recent appreciation function for retired Spalding High School Principal Alphansus Davis, I had formed... Read More

Peter Phillips's PNP strategy: Say something, anything, about everything

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, April, 15 2018    

You have little power over what's not yours. — Zimbabwean proverb  Read More

The crime statistics speak for themselves

Kevin o'Brien Chang | Sunday, April, 15 2018    

In 2016 Jamaica had the world's highest violent death rate for females, and the sixth highest in total ( Our paradise island ranked overall below Syria, Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras, Afghanistan, and above Iraq, Libya,... Read More

'Man A Yaad' must be a man of action!

Al Miller | Sunday, April, 15 2018    

I continue the dialogue from last week, 'Shaw shuffle: Mistake or masterstroke?' because so much of the nation's future rests on what he does with the portfolio now entrusted to him. He needs all our ideas and support. Read More

Transparency in Gov't's advertising expenditure

Canute Thompson | Sunday, April, 15 2018    

There is public concern about how the Government engages the media. It is accepted that this concern is not of recent vintage nor is isolated to the current Administration. But the fact that the concern has been around for some time does not mean that it should be... Read More

Remembering Donald Sangster

Lance Neita | Sunday, April, 15 2018    

April 11 marked the 51st anniversary of the death of Jamaica's second Prime Minister Sir Donald Sangster. It is an anniversary not often recalled by the State, and once again we saw little if any memorial event this year. Read More

If we were to find oil and gas...

BRUCE GOLDING | Sunday, April, 15 2018    

One cannot help being more hopeful, even if not yet excited, about our quest to find oil and gas in Jamaica based on recent developments. The search, which started way back in 1955 off the coast of Negril, has continued sporadically and we have had our fair share of... Read More

Why we can't do like them

BY JASON McKAY | Sunday, April, 15 2018    

I often hear the comparison between Jamaica and the United States of America (USA) regarding successes in crime fighting or prosecution. The comparison is normally a negative depiction of our environment by virtue of apparent lack of success. Read More

Bridging the gap between economic education and expectation

BY SHALMAN SCOTT | Sunday, April, 15 2018    

The gnawing and widening gap between the economic education of the Jamaican people and their economic expectations must be closed poste-haste. Read More


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