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A rare opportunity for the US to end injustice

Sunday, June, 14 2020    

IT might have been mere coincidence, even if cataclysmic, that in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic the murder of American Mr George Floyd has triggered another life-changing event — the global protests against racial discrimination and injustice. Read More

No easy solutions in a pandemic-hit world

Saturday, June, 13 2020    

The West Indies cricket captain Mr Jason Holder has an established reputation for good sense. Read More

'Defund the police' a most unrealistic term

Friday, June, 12 2020    

The brutal May 25 death of Mr George Floyd in Minneapolis has spawned a loud demand to “defund the police”, which has spread across the United States and the world on the backs of the popular street protests. Read More

World Travel and Tourism Council calculates the price of not reopening

Thursday, June, 11 2020    

After counting the cost to countries refusing to ease travel restrictions, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has warned that the price will be the loss of 197.5 million jobs and US$5.5 trillion globally from the sector, based on new research. Read More

Congratulations to the YMCA and Ms Sarah Newland Martin

Wednesday, June, 10 2020    

Regrettably, the local arm of Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) will not be able, at this time, to celebrate its 100th anniversary due to the impact of COVID-19. However, Jamaicans who know and appreciate the sterling work of the organisation will no doubt give support to 'The Y',... Read More

Without racism, America would be truly great

Tuesday, June, 9 2020    

The unprecedented scene of Minneapolis City Council members on a rally stage Sunday pledging to disband the city's police department was nothing short of extraordinary. Read More

The complex of class, race, and colour in Jamaica

Monday, June, 8 2020    

In the age of COVID-19 the death of a black man, Mr George Floyd, under the knee of a white policeman in the USA has triggered global protests and outrage on a scale not seen in decades — probably not since people railed against involvement by America and its allies in the Vietnam... Read More

The murder of Mr George Floyd: What is different this time…

Sunday, June, 7 2020    

There is always a grey area in conflicts between white police officers and black Americans as to whether the officer was merely doing his job or was indulging in police brutality against blacks. Read More

Cricket selection controversy in the era of COVID-19

Saturday, June, 6 2020    

Despite the peculiar reluctance to formally release the findings of an audit report which points fingers at the previous administration led by Mr Dave Cameron, Cricket West Indies under the presidency of Mr Ricky Skerritt has been reasonably transparent.  Read More

Prison no place for mentally ill people

Friday, June, 5 2020    

That Mr Noel Chambers died in the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre after spending 40 years there without being tried is indeed tragic. Even more crushing is the skeletal state of his body at the time of his passing. It suggested that Mr Chambers was either subjected to some amount... Read More

Focus on making the reopening safe, not on fear-mongering

Thursday, June, 4 2020    

As Jamaica wisely moves to reopen the country and stave off the economic disaster which is potentially worse than the COVID-19 virus, we welcome the just-launched, first-ever global safety and hygiene stamp designed to achieve safe travel — the brainchild of the... Read More

Will the PNP circle the wagons, or will Dr Phillips strike?

Wednesday, June, 3 2020    

Internal conflict is nothing new to political parties. However, internecine warfare is always extremely damaging and can hobble political organisations for long periods of time. The ruling Jamaica Labour Party can certainly speak to that, having gone through heavy bouts of conflict over... Read More

'I can't breathe': Police killing of American Mr George Floyd was hard, painful to watch

Tuesday, June, 2 2020    

Jamaicans did not take to the streets but there is no doubting the anguish they feel in common with the tens of thousands of people who rose up all across the United States and many other countries to protest against the May 25 police murder of Mr George Floyd in Minneapolis,... Read More

Dr Neville Gallimore, a people's man and nice person

Monday, June, 1 2020    

Last week the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), its supporters, and indeed the Government and Cabinet led by Prime Minister Andrew Holness had more than their fair share of grief. Read More

Passing of MP Shahine Robinson leaves PM on the horns of a dilemma

Sunday, May, 31 2020    

From all indications, Mrs Shahine Robinson, the late minister of labour and social security and Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Member of Parliament for St Ann North Eastern, was a good and faithful servant of the people. Read More


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