Fighting crime with hope

Monday, May, 15 2017    

Not for the first time National Security Minister Robert Montague has urged more attention to community policing by the Jamaica Constabulary Force.“With all the modern technology, all the pre-owned cars (being bought), the drones, closed... Read More

Firing the FBI director an unforced error

Sunday, May, 14 2017    

The dismissal last week of the director of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is an unforced error by President Donald Trump because the timing makes it difficult to convince Americans and the world that it was justified. Read More

Important lessons from Mr Andre Russell's ordeal

Saturday, May, 13 2017    

Like most Jamaicans, this newspaper was taken aback when the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) decided to appeal the 12-month suspension of star West Indies cricketer Mr Andre Russell.JADCO's appeal was on the basis that... Read More

Slow down

Friday, May, 12 2017    

We welcome Prime Minister Andrew Holness's announcement that the Government will be looking at the implementation of traffic management technology as part of its effort to improve safety under the amended Road Traffic Act.This newspaper believes... Read More

Sorry doesn't usually make it right, but Delta did the decent thing

Thursday, May, 11 2017    

The rage of some 155 passengers on Delta flight 28 from Kingston to Atlanta last Friday morning was justified, we think, based on widespread complaints that they were left in the dark for long periods before being told what would become of them, or their... Read More

Violence against children Jamaica's great shame

Wednesday, May, 10 2017    

Again , we feel we are on a treadmill.The initiatives have been launched, and the impassioned pleas by public officials to prevent violence against children have been made, repeatedly, over many years. Still we are faced with... Read More

The task ahead for Mr Macron

Tuesday, May, 9 2017    

After a hard-fought campaign, the extremely tough job of governing France will begin on Sunday for new President Emmanuel Macron after he takes the oath of office.Readers who were keeping abreast of the French presidential... Read More

Let's keep pushing the anti-mosquito message

Monday, May, 8 2017    

We note plans by the Ministry of Health in response to heavy rainfall to step up its anti-mosquito drive. It says there will be an “increase in vector control activities to reduce mosquito-breeding sites and decrease... Read More

Rethink the remittance legislation

Sunday, May, 7 2017    

US Congressman Mike Rogers introduced HR 1813, the Border Wall Funding Act of 2017, on March 30, 2017. If enacted by the US Congress and signed by President Donald Trump, it would impose a fee of two per cent on remittances from the United States of America to a number of... Read More

Amateurism hindering Jamaica's football

Saturday, May, 6 2017    

'Harsh Reality' written by deputy sports editor Mr Sean Williams and published on May 2 puts the case bluntly.The article suggested that Jamaica's Under-17 footballers were “out of their league”... Read More

Don't be deterred Dr Tufton, move on with health care overhaul

Friday, May, 5 2017    

We'll hold the applause until we actually see the work started and completed. However, the Government's plan for a major overhaul of the country's health-care infrastructure over two years appears to be the treatment needed for a system that has been ailing for a very, very long... Read More

Two more reasons Jamaica must hasten economic growth

Thursday, May, 4 2017    

Consequent upon a new Administration in the United States, Jamaica is likely to be significantly affected by new policies and rules intended to put America first. Over this we have little or no control.More immediately, a large... Read More

Commendable new initiative to help find missing children

Wednesday, May, 3 2017    

We can't begin to imagine the pain and anxiety that parents feel when their children go missing. It is obvious, though, that the trauma is so unbearable that some parents get to the point where death is a more acceptable outcome than remaining in a state of quandary as it relates to the... Read More

'It is not titles that honour men, but men that honour titles'

Tuesday, May, 2 2017    

The above words of Niccol˛ di Bernardo dei Machiavelli, the 15th century Italian political philosopher, musician, poet, and romantic comedic playwright are proving to be immortal.Last Thursday the upper echelons of western hemisphere tourism chose Jamaica's... Read More

Serious appeal from a heart attack survivor

Monday, May, 1 2017    

áMr Carl Hamilton's testimony about a heart attack he survived in 2015 should be compulsory reading for all adult Jamaicans.Mr Hamilton kindly shared his frightening experience last Tuesday at the inaugural Your Health, Your Wealth... Read More


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