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Tie-breaking vote law requires review

Tuesday, September, 8 2020    

Were we in the position of Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate for Westmoreland Eastern, Mr Daniel Lawrence, we might have not bothered with a magisterial recount to unseat Mr Luther Buchanan of the People's National Party (PNP). Read More

A sober speech, Mr Holness; we'll be watching and judging

Monday, September, 7 2020    

SURELY, since the very first poll under Universal Adult Suffrage in 1944, there can't have been a more restrained and sober election-night speech than we heard from Mr Andrew Holness last Thursday night. Read More

PNP has no time for sulking, wallowing in self-pity

Sunday, September, 6 2020    

The near obliteration of the People's National Party (PNP) in last Thursday's general election would, understandably, come as a deep and painful shock to leaders and supporters of the party. Read More

Government must be held to account for manifesto promises

Saturday, September, 5 2020    

A regular complaint in the Jamaican sporting, entertainment, heritage and creative arts communities is that while governments and country have benefited down the years from their exploits, very little, in proportionate terms, has gone to facilitate and encourage such endeavours. Read More

Congrats, JLP, now get to work quickly

Friday, September, 4 2020    

With the general election now out of the way, it is vital that the new Government gets settled quickly as the country cannot afford a protracted approach to the measures necessary for an effective response to the novel coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the economy, health,... Read More

Go out and vote; it is your right

Thursday, September, 3 2020    

As Jamaicans go to the polls today in the country's 18th general election since universal adult suffrage in 1944, we urge the just over 1.9 million citizens so entitled to exercise their right to vote. Read More

Tropical Storm Nana's brush a timely reminder

Wednesday, September, 2 2020    

The slight brush on our eastern and southern coasts by the weather system that has now developed into Tropical Storm Nana is a stark reminder that we are still in the midst of what has been forecast to be an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season. Read More

Beyond this vote in a pandemic

Tuesday, September, 1 2020    

From all reports, the system put in place yesterday for election day workers and members of the security forces to cast their ballots in the general election went largely smoothly. Read More

There'll be no relief for the new Gov't

Monday, August, 31 2020    

Available evidence suggests the deadly novel coronavirus is now accelerating its run through the Jamaican population. Read More

Farewell, Mr Chadwick Boseman, icon

Sunday, August, 30 2020    

The shock and deep sense of loss that have greeted news of Mr Chadwick Boseman's death on Friday night are understandable. For, outside of Mr Boseman's family, his doctor, and probably some friends, the world did not know that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer four years... Read More

A lift for beleaguered women's cricket

Saturday, August, 29 2020    

Back in May, Cricket West Indies President Mr Ricky Skerritt famously said that regional cricket was in the “intensive care unit” because of COVID-19. Read More

How will we pay for the promises?

Friday, August, 28 2020    

Prior to this election campaign, one issue everyone thought had been put to bed for good was the debate over the key importance of macroeconomic stability. There was finally a true cross-party consensus on the need for fiscal discipline, and our long history of making promises that could... Read More

Again, we must not become hostages to COVID-19

Thursday, August, 27 2020    

News that the Government is about to revert to its initial decision to allow tourists to move freely in the country's coronavirus resilient corridors must surely be welcomed by investors in that sector as they have been telling us that the corridors are working. Read More

Finally, ISSA has accepted the inevitable

Wednesday, August, 26 2020    

Quite frankly, we had watched — with some amount of sympathy — as the Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) procrastinated on the issue of sporting competitions for the upcoming academic year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

Prudence in postponing 'back-to-school'

Tuesday, August, 25 2020    

The saying, “Wisdom is the power to see the truth without attempting to fit it into any mould” seems most appropriate in the wake of last week's announcement that the start of the 2020/21 academic year will be postponed. Read More


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