Let’s break the neck of crime

Sunday, January, 1 2017    

The past year turned out far better for Jamaica than many expected. Read More

Cold War echoes from a distant past

Saturday, December, 31 2016    

The New Year 2017 begins today against the backdrop of the echoes of the Cold War from a now distant past when the Soviet Union and the United States competed bitterly for hegemony over the rest of the globe. Read More

2016 was a good year for sports

Saturday, December, 31 2016    

Jamaican sports lovers will most remember 2016 for another glorious campaign by the nation’s sprinters, this time at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Read More

Dr Wendel Abel enabling ignorance about media’s role!

Thursday, December, 29 2016    

If Professor Wendel Abel had his way, the Jamaican media would be under his orders about what content to disseminate to the public, at least in respect of crime and violence. Read More

Public sector modernisation going nowhere fast

Wednesday, December, 28 2016    

Mr Danny Roberts can put as bright a face as he wants on the public sector modernisation programme, it will continue to limp along as it has for the past three decades. Read More

Think big and act, Mayor Williams

Tuesday, December, 27 2016    

We'll hold our applause on the lofty goals outlined for Kingston by Mayor Delroy Williams. For, quite frankly, we have heard this kind of impressive articulation of a vision for the capital city before. Read More

Dr Williams’ truth and the next commissioner’s challenge

Monday, December, 26 2016    

We feel Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams’ pain. Because certainly, like him, this newspaper and, we are sure, all well-thinking Jamaicans, wish that our police force were devoid of corruption. Read More

This Christmas let nobody be hungry, beaten or abused

Saturday, December, 24 2016    

The ideals implicit in the "Christmas spirit" often bring out the best in people, including those who are not Christians. Read More

Disturbing human trafficking report

Thursday, December, 22 2016    

A United Nations (UN) report released this week on human trafficking should be of great concern to all well-thinking people, especially here in the Caribbean. Read More

Commercial banks need a creative overhaul

Wednesday, December, 21 2016    

Some time ago, the insurance industry was widely regarded as a "necessary evil", presumably because many of its clients received no benefits unless they suffered physical harm — most of whom did not — or lived to a ripe old age. Read More

If Ms ‘Babsy’ Grange is right...

Tuesday, December, 20 2016    

On the surface of things, it is difficult to disagree with the Minister of Culture, Gender Affairs, Entertainment, and Sport Ms Olivia "Babsy" Grange when she urges — some would say, admonishes — our radio stations to play more Jamaican music. Read More

Huge tasks await Dr Peter Phillips

Monday, December, 19 2016    

Barring any other expressions of interest, or unforeseen circumstances, Dr Peter Phillips will become the next president of the People’s National Party (PNP). Read More

A press conference every three months would do, Mr PM

Sunday, December, 18 2016    

It’s not unusual for national leaders and governments globally to hold news media at a distance, with some considering journalists pesky, and best avoided. Read More

America looking to turn back climate change progress

Saturday, December, 17 2016    

United States President-elect Donald Trump appears to be committed to reversing the US policy on climate change pursued by the Obama Administration. Read More

Miss Alia Atkinson’s uplifting example

Saturday, December, 17 2016    

Time and time again, Jamaicans have found reason to take heart and inspiration from the example of champion swimmer Miss Alia Atkinson. Read More




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