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Why is The UWI sugar-coating Cecil Rhodes?

Thursday, June, 25 2020    

The regional University of the West Indies (UWI) has justifiably enjoyed the adulation of its graduates and the islands of the Caribbean, which it serves as an oasis of light in the western hemisphere. Read More

Now is the time for all to support a good, professional JCF

Wednesday, June, 24 2020    

This newspaper has always maintained that the country should not allow a few miscreants to dictate how we live. Nor should we cower in the face of the scum who prefer to unleash murder and mayhem, instead of contributing to the well-being of our people and country. Read More

Cut out the foolishness about aging Gov't ministers!

Tuesday, June, 23 2020    

We are obviously pleased that, as we have urged him to do in this space, the prime minister has made full appointments to the key ministries of education and labour and social security. Read More

Keeping safe is in our hands

Monday, June, 22 2020    

COVID-19 statistics up to yesterday showed in excess of 8.7 million cases across the globe with more than 460,000 deaths. Read More

Hope for an end to Gov't apathy on crime consensus

Sunday, June, 21 2020    

WE in this space are obviously pleased that the Government has finally decided to meet on June 25 with the stakeholders who crafted the National Consensus on Crime, hopefully to finalise the recommendations and move swiftly ahead. Read More

Beyond racism

Saturday, June, 20 2020    

Just a few weeks ago almost all sporting associations objected strenuously to teams and individuals making so-called political statements in any shape or form on the field of play. Read More

Minister Vaz's error aside, the NLA has some explaining to do

Friday, June, 19 2020    

Let us start with the fact that, based on what has been made public, Mr Daryl Vaz responded to an invitation by the National Land Agency (NLA) for bids to be submitted to lease 7.7 acres of land at Holywell in the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. Read More

Can the PSOJ answer the call to duty once again?

Thursday, June, 18 2020    

Although the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) is tasked with defending the interests of the business community, the organisation has never been able to extricate itself from the tumultuous context in which it was launched in 1976. Read More

Remember the JOS? We can have that again

Wednesday, June, 17 2020    

We are not surprised by the demand for a fare increase from the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Service (TODSS). After all, every sector is feeling the squeeze from the economic fallout caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Read More

If 'super gangs' can unite, why can't politicians?

Tuesday, June, 16 2020    

Regrettably, the strident statements issued by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Government and the Opposition People's National Party (PNP) in the wake of the killing of two cops and wounding of two others last Friday are as hollow as they come. Read More

Uniting against crime: Trade the talk for action

Monday, June, 15 2020    

Much has been said, appropriately so, about brutality and other excesses by the security forces in their interaction with people in this country.But Jamaicans also know from long, hard experience that the anti-crime fight is a difficult, dangerous business. Read More

A rare opportunity for the US to end injustice

Sunday, June, 14 2020    

IT might have been mere coincidence, even if cataclysmic, that in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic the murder of American Mr George Floyd has triggered another life-changing event — the global protests against racial discrimination and injustice. Read More

No easy solutions in a pandemic-hit world

Saturday, June, 13 2020    

The West Indies cricket captain Mr Jason Holder has an established reputation for good sense. Read More

'Defund the police' a most unrealistic term

Friday, June, 12 2020    

The brutal May 25 death of Mr George Floyd in Minneapolis has spawned a loud demand to “defund the police”, which has spread across the United States and the world on the backs of the popular street protests. Read More

World Travel and Tourism Council calculates the price of not reopening

Thursday, June, 11 2020    

After counting the cost to countries refusing to ease travel restrictions, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has warned that the price will be the loss of 197.5 million jobs and US$5.5 trillion globally from the sector, based on new research. Read More


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