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Mr Donald Trump's fatal error

Sunday, January, 10 2021    

The fallout from the insurrection on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, continues apace, and it will be sometime before the full extent of Wednesday's assault on the United States seat of power is known. Read More

The kind of thinking that will help sport

Saturday, January, 9 2021    

This newspaper has often found reason to highlight the value of sponsorship in keeping organised sport alive, from lowly community leagues to high-profile global events. Read More

Bringing crime to heel will take a lot, but it can be done

Friday, January, 8 2021    

Since March of last year, 306 people have died in Jamaica as a result of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.Preliminary data suggest that for the 12-month period January to December there were in excess of 1,300 murders. Read More

End of American innocence, naivete about democracy?

Thursday, January, 7 2021    

Televised scenes yesterday of rioters storming the United States Capitol and the use of emotive depictions like “insurrection” and “attempted coup” by the American media, with President Donald Trump looming in the shadows, went past the... Read More

We will miss Mr Harry Maragh

Wednesday, January, 6 2021    

Easily, three of the people who paid tribute to Mr Harriat Pershad “Harry” Maragh on Monday captured his persona best. Read More

What happens today and tomorrow in the US vital to democracy

Tuesday, January, 5 2021    

Today, the United States will hold two consequential run-off races in the state of Georgia to determine whether it's the Republicans or the Democrats who will control the Senate and, significantly, the legislative landscape for the immediate future. Read More

Don't dawdle on the Dogs Liability Act

Monday, January, 4 2021    

A lifestyle feature in yesterday's Sunday Observer, 'Pawing their way into our hearts', reminds us that many people depend on their pets — not least dogs — for... Read More

A national agenda as we start third decade of 21st century

Sunday, January, 3 2021    

The new year 2021, which is the start of the third decade of the 21st century, is clearly going to be a difficult year, with the economic and public health fallout of 2020 continuing relentlessly in the first quarter. Read More

The human spirit will prevail

Saturday, January, 2 2021    

THE year 2020 came to an end with news that 10 elite West Indies cricketers, including Test match Captain Mr Jason Holder and captain of the limited overs versions Mr Kieron Pollard, made themselves unavailable for this month's tour of Bangladesh because of COVID-19 concerns. Read More

If we're to beat the greatest challenge of our time

Friday, January, 1 2021    

Such has been the effect of the novel coronavirus, many people are struggling to remember what it was like just a year ago — January 1, 2020 — when the great majority of us had never even heard of the mysterious illness causing concern in China. Read More

Churches should take advantage of online platforms for watchnight services

Thursday, December, 31 2020    

Watch ye, therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning — Mark 13:35, King James Version, Holy Bible  Read More

Prepare to fail, if we fail to prepare for other pandemics

Wednesday, December, 30 2020    

No one should be alarmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) warning on Monday that worse pandemics could lie ahead. Read More

If Sam Sharpe could speak from the grave…

Tuesday, December, 29 2020    

From the confines of his grave, if he could, National Hero Samuel “Daddy” Sharpe must be asking what is the sense in the Jamaican Government declaring a day in his honour if the whole matter is to be shrouded in secrecy? Read More

Inspiration in Ms Malysha Kelly's courage

Monday, December, 28 2020    

Even those who watch and enjoy sport to the fullest, all too often take their entertainers for granted. Read More

At last an orderly Brexit

Sunday, December, 27 2020    

Since the June 2016 Brexit referendum decision by the United Kingdom of Great Britain to leave the European Union (EU), the largest trade bloc in the world, the dominant worry has been whether the divorce would be orderly. It has been anything... Read More


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