Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh crowned Miss World

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Toni-Ann Singh, Miss Jamaica World is Miss World 2019.Singh won from a field of 114 contestants at the 69th edition of the pageant. Read more


Why Mr 'Butch' Stewart is Mr Douglas Orane's business model

Thursday, November, 14 2019    

When Jamaica's Reggae Boyz beat Japan 2-1 in the 1998 World Cup final in France, a most unassuming man was seen handing out free GraceKennedy phone cards to Jamaicans, telling them to call home with the result of the match. Read More

Is the economy growing faster than the official data suggest?

Wednesday, November, 13 2019    

During the last 50 years Jamaica has experienced low or fluctuating economic growth. Indeed, in several years the economy contracted, stubbornly refusing to budge from its malaise, despite a variety of shock treatments. Read More

Hope for windscreen wipers

Tuesday, November, 12 2019    

We have the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) , the information agency of the Jamaican Government, to thank for an interesting and heart-warming story on the graduation of 14 young people from the Windscreen Wiper Intervention... Read More

Water access and distribution need holistic, comprehensive approach

Monday, November, 11 2019    

We recall former prime minister Mr P J Patterson speaking many years ago of his pain at seeing so many Jamaicans still having to carry buckets of water on their heads, decades after the country's declaration of political independence from Britain. Read More

From one icon to another, Orane embraces 'Butch' Stewart

Monday, November, 11 2019    

Dear Editor,We don't often see enough Jamaican businessmen or professionals embracing or expressing open admiration for one another, sometimes because of sheer jealousy. That is why I wish to salute Douglas Orane for being different. Read More

At last, some movement on dangerous dogs issue

Sunday, November, 10 2019    

Finally, there appears to be some movement among legislators on the issue of owners of dangerous dogs not being held to account when their pets attack and either injure or kill people. Read More

Renford Pinnock — a hero of Jamaica cricket

Saturday, November, 9 2019    

Many of a younger generation may not realise that West Indies cricket commanded great respect, long before the great teams of the late 1970s to early 90s. Read More

As the justice system runs its course...

Friday, November, 8 2019    

The witness statements read in court on Wednesday in the case of five men charged with the brutal murders and beheadings of 40-year-old Ms Charmaine Rattray and her 19-year-old daughter Ms Joyette Lynch in July 2011 give a chilling insight into the demented minds of the... Read More

Diamond Mile an encouraging spark

Thursday, November, 7 2019    

Gaming and entertainment are, undoubtedly, big businesses in many countries. Here, in Jamaica, we see the benefits of those industries just by a mere glance at the fees and taxes paid to the State by Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) — more than $6.9 billion last year. That, Supreme... Read More

Citizens must help to stop the spread of deadly dengue

Wednesday, November, 6 2019    

We really can't fault the approach our health authorities have taken over the past few years in Jamaica's efforts to combat mosquito-borne diseases, particularly dengue fever. Read More

Persuade, don't vilify the US on climate change

Tuesday, November, 5 2019    

You won't find us lambasting the United States Administration for deciding to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Accord in keeping with the announcement yesterday that they would begin the formal process of pulling out of the global pact. Read More

Those locking out children from school should ask themselves the 'what if' question

Monday, November, 4 2019    

For many, many years there has been the recurring story of students being locked out of school and/or sent back home for all sorts of reasons.In the most recent cases, we are hearing that lateness is the problem. Read More

Let's get serious about tertiary education

Sunday, November, 3 2019    

The quality of human resources — the critical element in a knowledge-driven global economy — determines productivity, international competitiveness, and capacity to transform ideas and creativity into sophisticated goods and services using modern... Read More

A light put out for no good reason

Saturday, November, 2 2019    

Though we all know that death is inevitable, it seems we never get used to it. Read More

Only action will give us a fighting chance against climate change adversary

Friday, November, 1 2019    

We hope that the authorities in Jamaica, and indeed the wider Caribbean, will not overlook the latest report by scientists stating that coastal areas will be vulnerable to flooding by 2050 — made worse by climate change — no matter how aggressively humanity... Read More


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