Navigating the economy harder than preaching a sermon, Bishop Gregory

Thursday, April, 27 2017    

One of the concessions made to the churches in Jamaica is that they are able to receive offering, tithes and other gifts without having to pay taxes, even though that is something their individual members do not escape.As such,... Read More

End the medical marijuana slow march

Wednesday, April, 26 2017    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness would do well to give serious attention to Ms Wanda James's appeal to ensure that Jamaica is not left behind in the medical marijuana industry that is steadily mushrooming globally.According to Ms... Read More

Mrs Frankson spoke well until...

Tuesday, April, 25 2017    

On our list of most admired Jamaican women, Mrs Doreen Frankson, the former president of the Jamaica Manufacturers' Association (JMA), takes pride of place. Her contribution to the development of Jamaica, including the provision of jobs, is not inconsiderable. If she has a view about... Read More

Rain shows our infrastructure needs urgent upgrade

Sunday, April, 23 2017    

The extensive damage done to sections of eastern and southern parishes by rain over the past few days has not given us confidence that Jamaica is properly prepared for the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season which begins in just over five weeks’ time. Read More

Will UK snap elections give Jamaican PM any ideas?

Saturday, April, 22 2017    

 British Prime Minister Theresa May's declaration of June 8, 2017 as the date for the next general election in the United Kingdom (UK) represents a complete break with her public pledge not to call national elections before May 2020 when they are... Read More

Amidst the sorrow of Mr Mason's passing

Friday, April, 21 2017    

Death is never easy. It is even more difficult to accept when the person who passes is young and not ailing. The suddenness of the individual’s departure from among us mortals can, in some instances, shatter people’s resolve to go on living. In addition, there are... Read More

Kudos to the Gov’t. Now stay the course

Thursday, April, 20 2017    

The 180-degree turn being made by the Jamaican economy is admittedly slow, but it’s a turn in the right direction. Read More

If Commissioner Quallo is to succeed...

Tuesday, April, 18 2017    

A week ago in this space, we heartily welcomed the appointment of Mr George Quallo as the next commissioner of police and wished him well. Read More

Jamaican policymakers must ignore the ‘againsters’

Monday, April, 17 2017    

Jamaica has a group of people who can be regarded as the ‘againsters’— a perpetually pessimistic bunch who can never see any good in any plans for the future. Read More

The task ahead for Commissioner Quallo

Tuesday, April, 11 2017    

After waiting for more than three months, the country now has its 29th commissioner of police in veteran career cop Mr George Quallo. Read More

Jamaica must decide on free tertiary education

Monday, April, 10 2017    

We share some of the anxiety being expressed by affected final-year students of The University of the West Indies (UWI) who fear they might not be able to sit final exams because they have not paid fees owed to the university. Read More

Lesson for Jamaica in Colombian tragedy

Friday, April, 7 2017    

The devastation of Mocoa, a small city in the wet subtropical Amazon region of southern Colombia, by extremely heavy rain holds a potent lesson for Jamaica. Read More

Hoping that UNFPA Jamaica will hang on in there

Wednesday, April, 5 2017    

Two days ago the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) issued a rather depressing press statement regretting the decision by the United States to deny any future funding for its life-saving work the world over. Read More

Praise all round for Champs, but...

Tuesday, April, 4 2017    

Read More

The milk of human kindness

Monday, April, 3 2017    

Every now and again when we find ourselves on the brink of losing hope and belief in the goodness of human beings comes a story that reminds us why we dare not. Read More




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