Wishing PM Johnson and the UK well

Friday, July, 26 2019    

On Wednesday another chapter in the ongoing Brexit saga in the United Kingdom — which has engendered political uncertainty and clear divisions within the ruling Conservative Party — was written in the annals of world history. Read More

If there is a 'comprehensive crime plan', then woe betide us

Thursday, July, 25 2019    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness continues to hope that political talk can cover the failure to effectively stem the spate of murders bedevilling the nation. Read More

Don't throw out the baby with the (Ruel Reid) bathwater

Wednesday, July, 24 2019    

Conceivably, we will yet see more to come concerning in the matters leading to allegations of impropriety against former senator and Education Minister Ruel Reid. Read More

When to take Mr Egeton Newman seriously

Tuesday, July, 23 2019    

Admittedly , because of the numerous typographical and spelling errors in the news releases from the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS), one is hard-pressed to take Mr Egeton Newman, its president, seriously. Read More

Tablets for teachers commendable, but long overdue

Monday, July, 22 2019    

It's beyond debate that as Jamaica battles to get its society and economy in good order maximum use of modern technology is a must. Read More

Saluting our great men and women in the 'quiet professions'

Sunday, July, 21 2019    

We are conscious in this space that many personalities who and issues which deserve comment are all too often overlooked, invariably in favour of politicians, sportsmen or women, entertainers and even, tragically, criminals. Read More

Disappointment, yes, but the future remains bright for Jamaica's netball

Saturday, July, 20 2019    

So, Jamaica's Sunshine Girls play off against Malawi tomorrow for fifth place in the Netball World Cup in Liverpool, England. Read More

Unemployment numbers looking good; SMEs need the banks to step up

Friday, July, 19 2019    

We hope that the crime pestilence did not overshadow Wednesday's release of data from the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) showing that the country's unemployment rate has dropped to a new low of 7.8 per cent. Read More

The Peter principle…or lack thereof

Thursday, July, 18 2019    

Mr Peter Bunting might wish to reconsider his mindless position against the extension of the state of public emergency (SOE) in the St Andrew South police division, while there is still yet no obvious working plan to drastically bring down murders in... Read More

Is the end really near?

Wednesday, July, 17 2019    

It is no sweeping generalisation that the numerous road construction and development projects across the island have spared no one inconvenience of some form. Read More

Hotter summers, colder winters! What are we waiting for?

Tuesday, July, 16 2019    

Jamaica might not be as hot as Death Valley, California, in the United States, but every year seems to be getting hotter, with little evidence that Jamaicans are preparing to deal with the extremes of weather. Read More

WI must learn from England

Monday, July, 15 2019    

In all the years since the very first such tournament in 1975, England and New Zealand had never won the ICC Cricket (One Day International) World Cup.Three times previous to yesterday England had reached the final only to lose. Read More

Which political party is more corrupt?

Sunday, July, 14 2019    

It is an incontrovertible truth that previous People's National Party (PNP) administrations were involved in corrupt activities, at least as much as the current Government. Read More

A chance for Jamaica's netballers to shine

Saturday, July, 13 2019    

Jamaica's Reggae Girlz had to be satisfied with scoring a goal, while going down to three defeats in their first-ever Fifa World Cup of football which ended recently with triumph for the United States. Read More

PHOTO: Not a cruise!

Saturday, July, 13 2019    

Ashley Spencer (left), senior manager of Shipboard Talent Acquisition at Carnival Cruise Line, administers a psychometric test to students of Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), as part of the process to recruit the best talent for his company during a recent visit to CMU. Read More


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