Effective communication necessary

Friday, September, 7 2018    

A week ago we pointed to the improvements in the economy and appealed to the Government, the Opposition, churches, civil society groups, and the country at large to ensure that we don't lose this momentum. Read More

Public servants need assurance there are rewards up ahead

Thursday, September, 6 2018    

Teachers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, police are among the categories of public sector workers making great sacrifices for their country despite poor remuneration and, in many cases, sub-par working conditions. Read More

That thorny Calabar issue

Wednesday, September, 5 2018    

Calabar High principal Mr Albert Corcho has provided some clarity on the controversy embroiling the school regarding promoting students to Grade 11. Read More

Don't lose this opportunity to deal with dangerous dogs

Tuesday, September, 4 2018    

The passionate debate triggered by this newspaper's report on the killing of 66-year-old Mr Whittington Cole by a pack of dangerous dogs in July is necessary and, hopefully, will lead to amendments to the legislation governing these animals. Read More

The challenges, stresses of back to school

Monday, September, 3 2018    

The start of a new school year is always challenging and exciting. It can also be extremely stressful. Read More

NAFTA stance could damage trade and diplomatic relations

Sunday, September, 2 2018    

Bullying is a universal problem. The victims can suffer serious injury and, in some cases, the effects can be fatal. Those who submit to bullying do so because, in their calculation, it is less harmful than refusing the demands of the bully. Read More

Digicel's master stroke

Saturday, September, 1 2018    

Telecoms company Digicel deserves high praise for its decision to appoint Mr Ricardo Fuller as its schoolboy football ambassador for the Digicel Manning Cup. Read More

Let us not lose this momentum

Friday, August, 31 2018    

Two reports this week from entities established to monitor and guide the Government's economic policy and performance have stated in no uncertain terms that the country is moving in the right direction. Read More

School attendance and the harsh economic realities

Thursday, August, 30 2018    

Among the unfortunate things about modern Jamaica is that there are still many children of school age who attend school only infrequently or not at all. Read More

Remove obstacles to growth, please

Wednesday, August, 29 2018    

Mr Michael Lee-Chin makes some interesting points in the sixth quarterly report of the Economic Growth Council (EGC) issued earlier this week. Read More

Capitalise on state of emergency's effectiveness

Tuesday, August, 28 2018    

The data released by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) last week that the country has seen a 16.8 per cent reduction in serious and violent crimes for the period January 1 to August 18 is indeed encouraging. Read More

Communities must be organised to help face down crime... there is no other way

Monday, August, 27 2018    

We keep saying in this space that if Jamaica is to stop criminals, there will have to be systematic and sustainable organisation of communities to assist the police in every shape and form, always within the ambit of the law. Read More

Take the sugar industry off life support

Sunday, August, 26 2018    

Sugar was once the most valuable commodity in the world. It led to, and sustained the slave trade, and the profits financed the Industrial Revolution in England. Read More

Schoolboy football: Good news, promising changes and an old problem

Saturday, August, 25 2018    

When news broke early this month of closure of the title-sponsorship arrangement for schoolboy football between the Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) and telecoms giant FLOW, the public expectation was for the announcement of a replacement title sponsor(s) in short... Read More

Preparedness can save lives

Friday, August, 24 2018    

The magnitude 7.3 earthquake experienced by several Caribbean territories and Venezuela on Tuesday serves as a reminder that we need to keep strengthening our ability to respond to natural disasters. Read More


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