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JFF has wounds that need healing

Friday, February, 14 2020    

It is clear from the latest upheaval in the national football programme that the local governing body needs to engage in repair work that cannot be short term. Read More

Ms Grange, unwisely, put the horse before the statue cart

Thursday, February, 13 2020    

We don't suppose that Sport Minister Olivia Grange will lose any points for the selection of the last four athletes to be immortalised in statues — Olympians Usain Bolt, Veronica Campbell Brown, Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Asafa Powell. Read More

In addition to the new Domestic Violence Bill...

Wednesday, February, 12 2020    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is to be commended for speaking pointedly about the issue of domestic violence on a political stage on Sunday this week. Read More

Dr Longmore's short-term memory

Tuesday, February, 11 2020    

We don't hear too often from Government Senator Dr Sapphire Longmore. But in the Senate last Thursday, she spoke of something we need to be hearing a lot more of as a nation — the troubling issue of mental illness, which is still largely shrouded in secrecy and... Read More

Kudos to Supreme Ventures Foundation

Monday, February, 10 2020    

Sadly, down the years Jamaicans have become used to hearing of fires at State-run children's homes — facilities which are all too often dilapidated and overcrowded.The most tragic occurred close to 11 years ago, on May 22, 2009, at Armadale Juvenile... Read More

Perpetuating Mr Michael Manley's diplomatic error

Sunday, February, 9 2020    

This newspaper has always recognised and saluted service to Jamaica, especially when this has been over a long period. But we adhere to the principle that service should be its own reward. Read More

A challenge the JFF must confront head on

Saturday, February, 8 2020    

Jamaicans are so accustomed to their sportsmen and women punching above their weight that they are often guilty of expecting too much. Read More

An opportunity for reform in this by-election squabble

Friday, February, 7 2020    

People who keep abreast of current affairs are no longer surprised by politicians' declarations of concern about the cost of national events to taxpayers. That's simply because those expressions of anxiety are selective and driven by self-interest. Read More

We knew the Senate would not have impeached Mr Trump

Thursday, February, 6 2020    

We did not need a crystal ball or knowledge of rocket science to predict that US President Donald Trump would not have been impeached yesterday in the trial in the Senate. Read More

Mr Attenborough is correct: We can no longer prevaricate on climate change

Wednesday, February, 5 2020    

The United Nations (UN) climate summits have been hobbled by talk and little action, a common view recently articulated by Ms Claire O'Neill — who was removed as COP 26 president last week — and renowned British naturalist and broadcaster Mr David... Read More

Congratulations to our scalding hot Koffee!

Tuesday, February, 4 2020    

One could almost forgive Jamaicans for the lukewarm reaction to the winning... Read More

This stagnant problem of corruption and inefficiency

Monday, February, 3 2020    

Let's consider the residents in and around Ocean Lake in Bull Bay, east rural St Andrew who, we are told, are in a state of desperation over flooding caused by a pond.Water settles in people's yards, on the roadway, overflows sewers and drains, backs up into... Read More

Brexit won't harm long-established ties with Jamaica

Sunday, February, 2 2020    

Jamaica's Foreign Minister Senator Kamina Johnson Smith seems pretty sanguine that relations between London and Kingston will remain intact even as the United Kingdom (UK) enters what some are calling uncharted waters after Brexit. Read More

Education and awareness key to keeping sport doping free

Saturday, February, 1 2020    

We note with interest the recent annual symposium hosted by the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) at Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston. Read More

Health infrastructure and equipment upgrade long overdue

Friday, January, 31 2020    

A most important development in the health sector got lost in the panic triggered by social media postings of a suspected case of the coronavirus at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) on Tuesday. Read More


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