The milk of human kindness

Monday, April, 3 2017    

Every now and again when we find ourselves on the brink of losing hope and belief in the goodness of human beings comes a story that reminds us why we dare not. Read More

Caricom’s silence in the face of Venezuelan assault on democracy

Monday, April, 3 2017    

The Venezuelan Supreme Court’s decision on Saturday to back down from its disgraceful decision to strip the Congress of its legislative powers should not be interpreted by anyone as a demonstration of respect for, and commitment to democracy. Read More

Brexit: Long, arduous road ahead

Sunday, April, 2 2017    

Read More

Let’s do that museum at Sabina Park

Saturday, April, 1 2017    

Cricket fans will be celebrating a historic milestone when West Indies host Pakistan at Sabina Park for the first Test of a three-Test Caribbean series, April 21-25. Read More

We must deal with the obesity problem

Thursday, March, 30 2017    

The data on obesity in Jamaica presented by Professor Fitzroy Henry earlier this week should give us all cause for great concern. Read More

NIS contributions, maternity leave for domestic workers go hand in hand

Wednesday, March, 29 2017    

Domestic workers can claim for maternity leave allowance for a maximum period of eight weeks under the National Insurance (NIS) Act, we were reminded this week. Read More

Give thought to High Commissioner Naik’s offer

Tuesday, March, 28 2017    

The offer by Indian High Commissioner Shri Sevala Naik to help develop Jamaica’s film industry through scholarships and internships is indeed one that the Government should give some amount of attention. Read More

If a Jamaican were to design the new parliament building…

Monday, March, 27 2017    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has already given his commitment to maximise Jamaican involvement in the construction of the proposed parliament building at National Heroes’ Circle. Read More

A time for national unity

Monday, March, 27 2017    

The generation from which new People’s National Party (PNP) President Dr Peter Phillips springs remembers well the hopes and dreams of a young nation newly independent from Britain’s colonial grip. Read More

Lessons from the American Heath Care Bill defeat

Saturday, March, 25 2017    

Given the deep and historic economic, social and cultural ties that Jamaica has with the United States, this country has a vested interest in the success of any American president, including the current one, Mr Donald Trump. Read More

Applause is in order

Saturday, March, 25 2017    

Mr Usain Bolt says he wants to say farewell to competitive sprinting on Jamaica soil with a 9.7-second clocking over 100 metres at the Jamaica National Building Society (JN) Racers Grand Prix on June 10. Read More

Clear, Hold and Build can work if…

Wednesday, March, 22 2017    

There are at least three things we can agree on about crime without much controversy, even in this politically polarised society:• We have failed miserably as a nation to tame the crime beast; Read More

Don’t expect anyone to bail us out

Tuesday, March, 21 2017    

There has been some anxiety locally over the budget blueprint unveiled by United States President Donald Trump last week as he is proposing US$54 billion in cuts to large swathes of the Federal Government, including popular programmes that have some bearing on foreign aid. Read More

Thank you for your assurance, Prime Minister

Monday, March, 20 2017    

After our editorial of March 12, 2017 asking "Is there sufficient Jamaican involvement in Chinese constructions projects?", we are very reassured by Prime Minister Andrew Holness’s subsequent statement on the issue. Read More




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