Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh crowned Miss World

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Toni-Ann Singh, Miss Jamaica World is Miss World 2019.Singh won from a field of 114 contestants at the 69th edition of the pageant. Read more


Bernard Lodge: What's with this palpable fear of big ideas?

Thursday, October, 31 2019    

Jamaica has more than its fair share of pseudo-intellectuals who, loving to hide behind the freedom of every one to criticise anything under the sun, have never seen a big idea that they didn't want to cut down to (their) size. Read More

Kingston as financial sector innovator

Wednesday, October, 30 2019    

Private equity finance can lead to increased employment, tax revenue, competitiveness, and economic growth. However, despite its prevalence in other parts of the world, until quite recently, it has been a rarity in Jamaica and the rest of the... Read More

How many ways can we thank Dr Dalip 'Diabetes' Ragoobirsingh?

Tuesday, October, 29 2019    

Jamaica woke up yesterday morning to a screaming headline 'Amputation capital of the world!', thanks to a critical alert from the man we like to call “Dr Diabetes”, Professor Dalip Ragoobirsingh. Read More

Hunger, the beast within, will slay us

Monday, October, 28 2019    

Jamaica is no bed of roses, everyone knows that.Nonetheless, stories such as that of students at Jamaican universities who have to be scrounging around and begging for food, literally starving, jar the nerves to no end. Read More

The jobs that will be obsolete in 10 years, making STEM a must

Sunday, October, 27 2019    

Rapid and profound technology changes and globalisation are combining to change the nature of work and the types of employment which will be available. Read More

Snail's pace of project implementation hurting Jamaica

Friday, October, 25 2019    

We can appreciate the joy with which residents of Junction in St Elizabeth greeted the formal commissioning of the Essex Valley Water Supply Project on Wednesday. Read More

The tragedy of the Dexter Street Gang case collapse

Thursday, October, 24 2019    

The collapse of the court case against the Westmoreland-based Dexter Street (Middle East) Gang on Tuesday is further proof of the lack of public confidence in the police and Jamaica's Witness Protection Programme. Read More

Commendable rainwater harvesting programmes

Wednesday, October, 23 2019    

The issue of rainwater harvesting is not one that normally gets front page attention. However, readers will agree that this method of providing the precious commodity for various needs is a constant focus of this newspaper. For we regard it as a vital tool in Jamaica's climate change adaptation... Read More

Crime talks: The tortuous road ahead

Tuesday, October, 22 2019    

Scoring political points. It's what politicians do. Imploring them to give up that beloved exercise is almost too much to ask. Yet, they must, if there is to be any chance of arriving at a national consensus on defeating Jamaica's crime beast. Read More

Be heroes for Jamaica

Monday, October, 21 2019    

At a 50th anniversary celebration twinned to heritage week activities at Bellefield High School in Manchester last Wednesday, cultural researcher and change agent Dr Sandra Hamilton said something which we all know to be true. Read More

More, not less, public information critical to national development

Sunday, October, 20 2019    

Good public policy requires factual information be made available to the public in full and on a timely basis, the guiding principle being to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Read More

Fixing WI cricket won't be quick

Saturday, October, 19 2019    

A major weakness in Caribbean societies is the tendency to expect success in a hurry, and to seek short-term solutions. Read More

What's behind vector control workers being chased away?

Friday, October, 18 2019    

A normal first reaction to our report on Tuesday of this week that vector control workers are being stoned and chased away by some residents in a few communities would, understandably, be to scold the individuals who engaged in those actions. Read More

If they put country before party…

Thursday, October, 17 2019    

In poll after poll, year after year, Jamaicans are won t to name crime as the country's number one problem, which is astounding, given that poverty is such a pernicious element of life here and should easily occupy that dubious... Read More

Big move by the Health and Wellness Ministry

Wednesday, October, 16 2019    

The Health and Wellness Ministry's signing, last month, of framework agreements with 10 radiology providers to facilitate increased access to some diagnostic services for patients in the public health-care system has not grabbed the requisite... Read More


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