How will conjugal visits really work

Thursday, July, 27 2017    

The National Security Ministry moved yesterday to clarify its announcement that certain prisoners will be granted the right to conjugal visits. Read More

Let's build on this Gold Cup achievement

Wednesday, July, 26 2017    

Today Jamaica play the United States of America in the final of the CONCACAF Gold Cup the most prestigious tournament in our region of the world. Read More

Extend Jamaica House petition portal to all government ministries

Tuesday, July, 25 2017    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is not short on big ideas, the latest being yesterday's launch of a Jamaica House Petition portal to enhance communication with the people. Read More

Stop 'dutty up' Jamaica

Monday, July, 24 2017    

We note yesterday's news that a Negril hotel operator has been fined $10,000 and duly warned for breaching Jamaica's anti-litter law.As we understand it, this breach involved a private garbage disposal arrangement that went awry. Read More

Jamaica needs a larger police force

Sunday, July, 23 2017    

The first and most important function of a g overnment is to maintain law and order, which is absolutely critical to the achievement of a safe environment for people to work, live, raise families and do business. Read More

The power of the Jamaican spirit

Saturday, July, 22 2017    

All things considered, it seems fair to say that though the then Reggae Boyz team — packed with pros from the British leagues — went all the way to the final two years ago, the current squad started the ongoing CONCACAF Gold Cup in the United States as virtual 'no... Read More

Third element of 'clear, hold, build' must be centrepiece of crime fight

Friday, July, 21 2017    

It is very encouraging to see that the Government of Prime Minister Andrew Holness is backing its efforts to reduce the crime level in the country with strong and robust budgetary support. Read More

'Jacket' culture will complicate paternity law

Thursday, July, 20 2017    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, responding to questions from Opposition Member of Parliament Ronald Thwaites this week, announced that a joint select committee of Parliament is likely to examine the issue of mandatory addition of the names of fathers to Jamaican birth... Read More

20/20 vision needed for Vision 2030

Wednesday, July, 19 2017    

The short-term goal remains intact for five per cent growth by 2020 — now being termed 5 in 3, instead of the 5 in 4 of 2016 — yet we wonder whether enough attention is being paid to the longer-term Vision 2030. Read More

Something good can come from cellphone fiasco

Tuesday, July, 18 2017    

For the fact that it happened to two different political administrations, we can safely conclude that there is a problem in the system that led to Finance Minister Audley Shaw's $8-million cellphone bill. Read More

Towards trust between the police, citizens

Monday, July, 17 2017    

Older Jamaicans remember a time when violent crime in urban centres such as Kingston and Spanish Town seemed a world away from deep rural communities. Read More

Jamaica 55: Has Independence been worth it?

Sunday, July, 16 2017    

When the British reluctantly granted political Independence to India in August 1947, they were not convinced that their colonies were competent to manage themselves. As for the very small states of the Caribbean, the idea of political independence seemed... Read More

At last, good sense prevails in West Indies cricket

Saturday, July, 15 2017    

Even the humble sometimes have a hard time saying 'sorry'.It becomes so much harder when the people involved have big egos. Read More

We squander this opportunity to right wrongs at our peril

Friday, July, 14 2017    

With the passage of the Zones of Special Operations Bill by both Houses of Parliament, the Government and its agencies, inclusive of the police and the army, now have within their grasp the legislative backing necessary to allow the security forces to make a telling... Read More

Caricom co-operation on crime a splendid idea

Thursday, July, 13 2017    

There is strength in unity, and Prime Minister Andrew Holness shows that he gets it, at least in the seemingly unwinnable fight against crime. Read More


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