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We must all do the best we can

Monday, May, 11 2020    

We note the suggestion in a story written by Jamaica Observer Editor-at-Large Mr HG Helps that a late April funeral in Annotto Bay, which had a huge crowd at the graveside, may have contributed to the recent spike of COVID-19 cases in that rural town. Read More

Farewell Dr Freddie Hickling, psychiatrist to the people

Sunday, May, 10 2020    

THE COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically raised the level of mental stress — high even in normal times — because of the trauma of death, illness, confinement in lockdown, and economic deprivation. Read More

A return to our sporting ways in the COVID-19 era

Saturday, May, 9 2020    

Even as the deadly rampage by COVID-19 continues, there is growing consensus on a global scale that, until a way is found to defeat the virus, people will just have to get on with their lives while striving to remain as safe as possible. Read More

COVID-19 mutes celebration of World War II end, but…

Friday, May, 8 2020    

YESTERDAY was the 75th anniversary of a most significant event in world history. But, given the onslaught of the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on the planet, it is understandable that the commemoration was muted. Read More

'Butch' Stewart — the gift that keeps on giving

Thursday, May, 7 2020    

We suspect that most readers will cut us some slack for the inevitable paternal pride we feel over our chairman and publisher, Mr Gordon “Butch” Stewart's decision to donate some $31 million worth of care packages for the neediest of... Read More

An interesting COVID-19 option from the Cayman Islands

Wednesday, May, 6 2020    

More Jamaicans are now beginning to feel the real impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak on the economy. That, of course, was inevitable, as businesses that are not already shuttered are forced to operate within a narrow window. Read More

If Dr Tufton fails…

Tuesday, May, 5 2020    

The poor performance of our people and agencies responsible for regulating and monitoring standards across the full spectrum of services in this country appears like an unwanted pimple on the national face every time a crisis rears its head. Read More

We must never forget this crisis

Monday, May, 4 2020    

There are many lessons that must be learnt as a result of the uncharted waters of COVID-19.It's easy to react, but it is always best when leaders benefit from experience to look ahead and avoid the lurking danger. Read More

Future economy is not post-pandemic but pandemic-prone

Sunday, May, 3 2020    

THERE is not enough medical experience and scientific data to allow any institution, expert and government, to say when the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Therefore, what people all over the world need to be prepared for is not a post-pandemic economy but a pandemic-prone... Read More

Mr Chris Gayle's terrible blunder

Saturday, May, 2 2020    

Make no mistake about it, Mr Christopher Gayle, a former West Indies captain, is one of the great cricketers of our time. Read More

Sensible first step in reopening the economy

Friday, May, 1 2020    

The prime minister, we see, has taken a first step in what we expect will be a carefully planned and managed reopening of the economy as we have been suggesting over the past two weeks. Read More

Time to summon the true Jamaican spirit

Thursday, April, 30 2020    

In the late seventies to the mid-nineties, when foreign exchange was extremely scarce, a group of hardy Jamaican women higglers, later re-branded informal commercial importers or ICIs, found a spectacular way to beat the US dollar drought. Read More

Fear must not be allowed to paralyse the nation

Wednesday, April, 29 2020    

One of the glaring facts being overlooked in the debate on the novel coronavirus is that far more people recover from it than those who die. Indeed, governments across the world have been at pains to emphasise that the virus is not a death sentence. Read More

More to fear from murderers than coronavirus?

Tuesday, April, 28 2020    

The call by the Opposition People's National Party (PNP) for a national plan leading to the reopening of the Jamaican economy should provide breathing space for the Government to act without fear to get the economy back on track. Read More

A COVID-19 teaching moment

Monday, April, 27 2020    

Given the 'fear factor' triggered by the onset of COVID-19, reports of a young woman on the verge of giving birth being refused hospital care, allegedly because she was displaying flu-like symptoms, won't have come as a complete surprise to those people who have been around for a... Read More


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