Sir Alister McIntyre's enduring monument

Wednesday, April, 24 2019    

On hearing of the passing of Sir Alister McIntyre on Saturday, we were reminded of Mr Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American transcendentalist poet and essayist, who once said: “Death comes to all, but great achievements build a monument which shall endure until the... Read More

Crime: Is Dr Peter Phillips worthy

Tuesday, April, 23 2019    

After every high-profile murder, Dr Peter Phillips, the opposition leader, comes out with a statement decrying the lack of an anti-crime plan and sounding as if he believes the Government has or should have the answer. Read More

The effects of making decisions in haste

Monday, April, 22 2019    

We understand Ms Fiona Facey's feelings regarding the value of bauxite-to-alumina processing as well as the negative effects for people living close to the JISCO Alpart refinery in Nain, St Elizabeth. Read More

Proud of you, SBAJ, but now the work begins

Sunday, April, 21 2019    

Jamaica can be justly proud of bringing off a hugely successful regional conference on Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME) in Kingston from April 16-18, ending on a high note. Read More

Mr Pat Rousseau has left a legacy for the ages

Saturday, April, 20 2019    

Such was his impact that Jamaica's Minister of Sport Ms Olivia “Babsy” Grange is understandably remembering Mr Patrick Rousseau — who died this week at age 85 — among the great administrators of West Indies cricket. Read More

From police to Parliament — upping the ante in downtown Kingston

Thursday, April, 18 2019    

It is not difficult to envision what the emerging downtown Kingston, the English-speaking Caribbean's largest commercial district, will look and feel like in a few years after all the ongoing and proposed construction projects come to fruition. Read More

Mr Tiger Woods: A tribute to grit and determination

Wednesday, April, 17 2019    

American golfer Mr Tiger Woods has rightly earned glowing praise for his amazing victory in the Masters on Sunday. Read More

Why we are not gleeful about Constitutional Court ruling on NIDS

Tuesday, April, 16 2019    

Though we are not surprised, we are also not gleeful that the Constitutional Court has struck down the National Identification and Registration Act that was intended to establish the national identification system (NIDS). Read More

Dealing with the troubling frequency of violence in households

Monday, April, 15 2019    

We are aware that female-on-male violence does occur in some households.However, it's clear that the far bigger, more pressing problem involves the physical abuse of women by their male partners. Read More

SOE: The unpalatable truth Dr Peter Phillips cannot face

Sunday, April, 14 2019    

People's National Party (PNP) President Dr Peter Phillips is too bright a man to seriously think he can befuddle us with his contrived excuses that the press, polls and payouts to East Portlanders caused his party's loss in the April 4, 2019... Read More

Mr Skerritt and his team need to tread carefully

Saturday, April, 13 2019    

Given Mr Ricky Skerritt's oft-repeated pledge that under his leadership Cricket West Indies will be “player centric”, we are left to assume that players at the leadership level were indeed consulted prior to the sweeping changes announced this... Read More

Right and proper that Jamaicans should share in Wigton's windfall

Friday, April, 12 2019    

The Government's declaration that the Wigton Windfarm initial public offer (IPO) is being structured to ensure the widest possible distribution of shares to Jamaicans is commendable. Read More

Custom duties on personal imports too high

Friday, April, 12 2019    

Dear Editor, Read More

Is the long-awaited economic prosperity underway?

Thursday, April, 11 2019    

One of the biggest mysteries of Jamaica's existence has been the frustratingly stubborn refusal of the economy to produce the growth and prosperity that everyone, over many long years, has insisted Jamaica has the potential to do. Read More

Let's not sacrifice our schools for a fleeting moment

Wednesday, April, 10 2019    

Mr James Moss-Solomon has again highlighted an issue that should be of grave concern to the country but which, we fear, is not getting the requisite attention and action, especially from school administrators, parents and guardians who are responsible for nurturing students. Read More


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