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Has Police Commissioner Anderson seen the light?

Tuesday, January, 14 2020    

We think Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson has a clear understanding of the very critical situation in which this country finds itself with regards to crime, particularly homicides. Read More

Ex-cons deserve a chance too

Monday, January, 13 2020    

Such is the level of crime and its devastating effects on society it is hard for most Jamaicans to show much sympathy to convicted prisoners. Read More

Wanted: bold ideas that do not damage electoral democracy

Sunday, January, 12 2020    

Globally, electoral democracy has entered an uncertain new phase, giving rise to the following concerns: Read More

'One step at a time' is always best

Saturday, January, 11 2020    

The late, legendary Jamaican Olympian Mr Herb McKenley was a wonderful storyteller. He enjoyed the telling of the famous 4x400m relay run for the gold medal at the Helsinki Olympics of 1952. Read More

Stop playing political football with the minimum wage

Friday, January, 10 2020    

We have long ceased to be amazed at the things politicians will say to attract votes. Indeed, making promises is part and parcel of politicking, because electorates are drawn to grand designs and the grander the better. Read More

A global sigh of relief!

Thursday, January, 9 2020    

Lovers of peace are breathing a sigh of relief that neither the United States nor Iran has declared war after Iranian ballistic missile strikes, Tuesday, on two Iraqi bases housing US troops, in retaliation for the US killing of top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani last... Read More

We like PAHO's proactive approach on heatwaves

Wednesday, January, 8 2020    

Most Jamaicans, we suspect, may have overlooked the warning from the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) that Caribbean countries need to be prepared to deal with the effects of heatwaves that have so far affected Australia, Canada, the United States, Europe, India, Pakistan, and... Read More

Social media against crime; well done, DSP Haughton aka 'DJ Supt'

Tuesday, January, 7 2020    

Detective Superintendent of Police Throyville Haughton, popularly known as DJ Supt, has provided the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and Jamaica a formidable gift for the new year — a new tool to fight crime. Read More

Start public education now to minimise fire disasters

Monday, January, 6 2020    

Like people everywhere, horrified Jamaicans have been reading, watching, and listening to reports of the disastrous fires in distant Australia. Read More

Let's look at reforming leave entitlement in education system

Sunday, January, 5 2020    

Doctors, nurses, police and pretty much everyone else who is fortunate to be employed work 11 months out of each year, if they take all their vacation and other forms of leave. In contrast, teachers enjoy the luxury of almost three weeks at Christmas, nearly two weeks at Easter, and 10... Read More

JFF needs to think, prepare and execute better

Saturday, January, 4 2020    

In Lyon, France, at the 1998 FIFA World Cup Jamaican football had arguably its greatest result. Read More

Clarity needed on JDF's role in fighting crime

Friday, January, 3 2020    

On Sunday this week we featured two articles with interviews done by... Read More

Crime-fighting: It's so hard to be strong when we've suffered for so long…

Thursday, January, 2 2020    

Both Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips, in their new year's messages to the nation, have signalled they lack the will to jointly summon Jamaicans to unite in a common assault on violent crimes, especially murders. Read More

Let's face our challenges united as one nation

Wednesday, January, 1 2020    

There's no country in the world that is free of imperfections; be they economic, social, cultural, governance, institutional, or infrastructural. Read More

INDECOM, human rights groups can't replace cops like Renato Adams, 'Bigga Ford' et al

Tuesday, December, 31 2019    

If anyone needs further convincing about the urgent necessity to mobilise the nation in an all-out war against criminal gunmen, the chilling police statistics published in yesterday's edition of this newspaper should obliterate all remaining doubt. Read More


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