Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh crowned Miss World

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Toni-Ann Singh, Miss Jamaica World is Miss World 2019.Singh won from a field of 114 contestants at the 69th edition of the pageant. Read more


Stuff of champions

Monday, September, 30 2019    

Sport has a titillating habit of making fools of expert analysts and know-it-alls.When Mrs Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, then 29 years old, took a break from athletics in 2016 to have her first child, there were those who wondered — quite reasonably — whether... Read More

Human survival requires drastically slowing down climate change

Sunday, September, 29 2019    

Most people across the world now accept the scientific reports and studies pointing to rapidly occurring climate change as a clear and present existential threat to the continued existence of humanity. Read More

Briana out but support for J'cans in Doha still high

Saturday, September, 28 2019    

This newspaper takes note of reports that Miss Briana Williams would have been ineligible for competition at the IAAF World Championships even had she made the trip to Doha in time for today's start of the women's sprints. Read More

Are beach clean-ups worth it?

Friday, September, 27 2019    

Like they've done for the past 11 years, hundreds of volunteers, shepherded by Jamaica Environment Trust (JET), picked up garbage from miles and miles of coastline around the country last Saturday as part of International Coastal Clean-up Day. Read More

Rules and modern society

Thursday, September, 26 2019    

From hard experience and emotional intelligence, societies and organisations have learnt that without workable rules and standards to guide relationships, there is only chaos, disorder, lawlessness, and mayhem, even where great freedom exists. Read More

UK Supreme Court ruling a lesson to political leaders

Wednesday, September, 25 2019    

We can't say we're surprised by the United Kingdom Supreme Court ruling that declared as unlawful British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks. Read More

Nice speech, Dr Phillips but where's the beef?

Tuesday, September, 24 2019    

Dr Peter Phillips, the re-elected leader of the Opposition People's National Party (PNP), came out blazing in his presentation at Sunday's 81st annual conference of the party on Sunday. Read More

Important gesture and the need for culture change

Monday, September, 23 2019    

Some will dismiss symbolic gestures as unimportant. However, in politics it can make a huge difference. Read More

Climate change: Time running out on the Caribbean

Sunday, September, 22 2019    

In this space we never tire of stressing the importance of international action advocacy centred in the United Nations Climate Action Summit, with emphasis on the small island developing states, like Jamaica. Read More

The threat of lightning and the referee's whistle

Saturday, September, 21 2019    

Anyone who has ever seen a lush, green patch of plant life turn roasted brown a day or two after a lightning strike readily appreciates the danger posed by that weather event. Read More

UN Climate Action Summit crucial to our survival

Friday, September, 20 2019    

Given recent developments, even the most ardent sceptic would admit that it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the impact of climate change on the Earth. Read More

Gov't at the mercy of the PNP with SOE

Thursday, September, 19 2019    

Had Mr Peter Bunting won the contest for leader of the Opposition People's National Party (PNP), the Government might have lost the continued use of the state of emergency (SOE) as a tool to fight crime. Read More

Way to go, KSAMC

Wednesday, September, 18 2019    

A few months ago, while discussing an article by the World Bank's vice-president for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr Axel van Trotsenburg, we renewed our advocacy of incentives that will encourage investments. Read More

Government promise is a comfort to a fool

Tuesday, September, 17 2019    

Anybody who has ever won a legal case against the Jamaican Government and been awarded compensation can testify about the hell they have to go through to get paid. Some never live to receive their just due. Read More

Bauxite mining dispute very painful

Monday, September, 16 2019    

The long-running dispute over bauxite mining in and around the Cockpit Country is painful. Read More


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