Debate abortion, but without the emotion

Wednesday, April, 11 2018    

Abortion is one of those issues that surfaces from time to time in this country and on which we have not been able to gain consensus. That's because the debates are usually filled with emotion as there are strong views on both sides, especially from the church which is fiercely opposed... Read More

No, Dr Chang, No!

Tuesday, April, 10 2018    

We have long considered newly appointed National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang as one of those politicians with an inclination to think carefully before opening his mouth to speak. Read More

A responsible approach to CRH's problems

Monday, April, 9 2018    

The Ministry of Health's chronology of the problems plaguing Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) makes for interesting reading and provides the foundation for informed debate on this most unfortunate issue. Read More

US, China should know that 'last lick' can be a dangerous game

Sunday, April, 8 2018    

When two elephants fight, the grass is crushed. In the case of the looming trade war between giants China and the United States, tiny economies like Jamaica's stand to be pulverised. Read More

Let's hope WI tour of Pakistan will prove worthwhile

Saturday, April, 7 2018    

On March 3, 2009, members of the Sri Lanka cricket team were on their way to the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan, for the third day of the second Test match against their hosts when all hell broke loose. Read More

First black woman VP in Latin America – Jamaican audacity in Costa Rica

Friday, April, 6 2018    

The audacity of Jamaicans to believe that wherever we are in the world, we must somehow be in the forefront — in other words, 'we run things, things nuh run we' — is clearly not restricted to our sportsmen and women or our entertainers. Read More

Appoint a board of enquiry into Cornwall Regional Hospital

Thursday, April, 5 2018    

Pity the ordinary Jamaican trying to decipher what is happening at the ill-fated Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) in Mount Salem, St James. Read More

Social media wake-up call

Wednesday, April, 4 2018    

The US State Department's proposal to gather social media information from people applying for US visas should serve as a warning to those who are predisposed to irresponsible use of the technology. Read More

Farewell, Mrs Winnie Mandela — mother of the South African nation

Tuesday, April, 3 2018    

Those of us who have kept abreast of developments in South Africa since the 1960s would have their hearts sorely broken by the passing of Mrs Winnie Madikizela Mandela, one of the last great warriors and icons of the anti-apartheid movement. Read More

A healthier Jamaica truly starts with the youth

Monday, April, 2 2018    

Christianity's Easter message of sacrifice has been a source of inspiration down the ages. Read More

Making crime plan public not smart

Monday, April, 2 2018    

Dear Editor,I truly believe that it is wise, desirable and necessary to have an anti-crime plan. And I believe that the Government, through the commissioner of police and his team, should endeavour to devise one as a matter of urgency. Read More

Why read when we can complain?

Sunday, April, 1 2018    

Many individuals, companies and countries are poor and struggling to attain prosperity, blaming others, nature and bad luck for their state of existence, when it is their lack of vision which blinds them to opportunities which could enrich them. Read More

Winning is important but not at all costs

Saturday, March, 31 2018    

Efforts to alter the condition of the cricket ball go way back. Read More

PM Holness deftly walks the tightrope

Thursday, March, 29 2018    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness continues to show he is growing in astuteness by his shrewd handling of the Cabinet, against the background of his party's slim three-seat majority in Parliament. Read More

Don't take that land decay warning lightly

Wednesday, March, 28 2018    

The warning issued by scientists on Monday about the potential impact of land decay on the world's population could easily be missed here amid the focus on the prime minister's Cabinet shuffle, and the petty squabble over the naming of a... Read More


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