Cellphones in the dark: Does the Transport Authority operate in rural Jamaica?

Tuesday, March, 19 2019    

The dire warning to motorists against the use of snow (winter) tyres on Jamaican roads, against news of a 37 per cent increase in road fatalities since the start of the year, is perhaps an indication that the Transport Ministry is being proactive. Read More

Portland Eastern vote will have national impact

Monday, March, 18 2019    

The result of the upcoming by-election in Portland Eastern, following the tragic death of Member of Parliament (MP) Dr Lynvale Bloomfield, will reverberate nationally. Read More

Brexit: A case when delay is not danger, but opportunity

Sunday, March, 17 2019    

The British people, renowned for their determination and never-say-die approach to major difficulties, are facing one of their sternest tests — the so-called Brexit issue. Read More

Thankful for artificial football surface at Mona

Saturday, March, 16 2019    

In mid-2017, national senior men's football coach Mr Theodore Whitmore and players condemned the playing surface at their training ground, The UWI-JFF Captain Horace Burrell Centre of Excellence in Mona, St Andrew. Read More

Prostitution of the right to vote in by-election

Friday, March, 15 2019    

Dear Editor, Read More

Why economic independence is key

Friday, March, 15 2019    

In his budget presentation last week, Finance Minister Nigel Clarke clearly articulated the mission that National Hero Norman Manley had argued should be for the next generation after him. Read More

Ja's Civil Aviation Authority must keep us informed

Thursday, March, 14 2019    

Given the affinity of our Rastafarians for Ethiopia, as their spiritual home, we breathe a huge sigh of relief that so far there are no reports of any Jamaican dying in the tragic crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 which killed all 157 people aboard on... Read More

Supporting Justice Sykes' drive for order and efficiency

Wednesday, March, 13 2019    

Just over a year ago, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, then newly appointed to act in the position, promised Jamaicans that under his watch the court system would not be business as usual. Read More

Constant Spring Market: A case for public education

Tuesday, March, 12 2019    

Admittedly , we shed a tear or two for the vendors of Constant Spring Market, St Andrew, especially for the last of the hold-outs who watched in total misery as their shops were demolished Sunday. Read More

Finally, a budget for both growth and equity

Monday, March, 11 2019    

Some have already argued that in his maiden budget presentation, Dr Nigel Clarke has made the best budget speech ever by a minister of finance in Jamaica. In examining this claim, one must first review the economic policy objectives he outlined when he was first appointed last year,... Read More

The intoxicating aroma of politics

Sunday, March, 10 2019    

Politics has a way of bringing out the worst in people, especially those who become career politicians. There are some who remain exemplary, but the anecdotal evidence suggests that most become captives of its intoxicating aroma. Read More

Best wishes to our Special Olympics delegation

Saturday, March, 9 2019    

Generally speaking, Special Olympics doesn't get the scale of press coverage as the event that is known as the modern Olympic Games. This newspaper, therefore, is proud to be among the media houses that give attention to the eight days of competition between children and adults with... Read More

Driving gender balance: Where would we be without our women?

Friday, March, 8 2019    

This newspaper joins the world in observing Intern ational Women's Day (IWD) today and notes with some amount of pride and gratitude that our women have made significant contribution to the advancement of our beloved country. Read More

Damion making it hard to go 'forward with Crawford'

Thursday, March, 7 2019    

We would not like to see Senator Damion Crawford implode. The Jamaican body politic needs to be constantly renewed with fresh blood, especially of young men and women bringing their new perspective, even if tinged with naivety. Read More

Eliminating gender-based violence

Wednesday, March, 6 2019    

We note Cabinet Minister Miss Olivia “Babsy” Grange's recent reminder about the 2007 Strategic Action Plan to eliminate gender-based violence in Jamaica. Read More


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