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Education needs more than mere 'commitment'

Tuesday, October, 27 2020    

It is estimated that in five years' time Jamaica will begin to reap the consequences, or the fruits, of how well we handle the education of our children during this period of severe restrictions caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Read More

If Jamaica is ever to be seriously considered a just society...

Monday, October, 26 2020    

Mrs Juliet Holness, Member of Parliament for St Andrew East Rural and wife of the Prime Minister Andrew Holness, is also a real estate professional. She knows where houses should or shouldn't be built. Read More

Hats off to Mr Ian Randle, publisher extraordinaire

Sunday, October, 25 2020    

There is a saying that if you want to hide something put it in book. Publishing for 30 years consecutively is a remarkable achievement, especially in a country like Jamaica where reading is hardly anyone's first love. Read More

Of heroes, youth and their elders

Saturday, October, 24 2020    

LIKE every other field of endeavour, sport has its fair share of unsung heroes. Read More

Heads need to roll over Golden Age Home tragedy

Friday, October, 23 2020    

We are not going to tip-toe around the issue — as the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) seems constrained to do — heads must roll over the discovery of multiple COVID-19 cases at the Golden Age Home in Vineyard Town, St Andrew. Read More

Revisit blended education on a case-by-case basis

Thursday, October, 22 2020    

The problems triggered by the novel coronavirus pandemic, which have changed people's lives everywhere on the planet since early 2020, are many and varied. Read More

No more child mothers in the Caribbean

Wednesday, October, 21 2020    

Last week, in this space, we suggested that the novel coronavirus pandemic is sucking up the oxygen in the room, meaning that many important events are going unnoticed because of our understandable preoccupation with the deadly disease. Read More

Can Mr Donald Trump survive the Joe Biden freight train?

Tuesday, October, 20 2020    

Today marks the beginning of the final two-week sprint towards the November 3, 2020 United States presidential elections — the 59th quadrennial — with challenger and former Vice-President Joe Biden enjoying sizeable leads over incumbent Mr Donald Trump in all the national... Read More

Everything is for a good

Monday, October, 19 2020    

Indeed, the old saying posits that everything that happens, no matter how regretful, is for a good. Or, if the reader prefers: “Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining.” Read More

Do black scientists matter to the Nobel Prize Committee?

Sunday, October, 18 2020    

Despite not being a global prize in its origin, the Nobel Prize is widely regarded as such, rivaling even the highest awards by the United Nations in prestige. Read More

Giving thanks for cricket tour of New Zealand

Saturday, October, 17 2020    

AMONG the Asia-Pacific region's more prosperous countries, New Zealand with just five million people has done really well in coping with the COVID-19 crisis. Read More

What's holding up accreditation of private labs for COVID-19 testing?

Friday, October, 16 2020    

In the best of circumstances the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) is having a rough time coping with the novel coronavirus pandemic, and particularly the volume of testing for the disease as community transmission overwhelms us. Read More

PNP on 'Ps and Qs' for upcoming presidential poll

Thursday, October, 15 2020    

After the massive defeat in the September 3 parliamentary election, the People's National Party (PNP) cannot afford substantial 'bleeding' — if any at all — from the upcoming presidential contest involving Ms Lisa Hanna and Mr Mark Golding. Read More

Meetings of Parliament at Conference Centre another teachable moment

Wednesday, October, 14 2020    

As old as Dr Thomas Fuller's 1723 saying “A stitch in time, saves nine” is, it's a lesson we find so hard to learn, despite proving its immense value over and over down through the years. Read More

COVID-19 sucking up the oxygen in the room

Tuesday, October, 13 2020    

It may be a sign of the times. Usually around this time of year when the United Nations International Day of the Girl is celebrated, there is much chatter, at least about the age of consent and how it relates to increasing teenage pregnancy. Read More


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