Teachers who brave the long, hot summers

Friday, July, 5 2019    

It's so hot these days, most people think twice, thrice, before leaving the shade.We hear from the local met office that on June 22, temperatures in Kingston reached 39.1 degrees Celsius, the highest ever recorded in the capital city. Read More

Gov't must not fall into JHTA trap on short-term rentals

Thursday, July, 4 2019    

The call by the umbrella Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) for a tax on income from short-term rentals is premature and smacks of trying to use the Government to eliminate what the association sees as unwanted competition. Read More

Mixed signals

Wednesday, July, 3 2019    

There is no doubt that Jamaica has not had any sustained success in the battle against the two-headed monster of crime and violence. And, admittedly, the fight coming from our police corps has not always been valiant. But the series of administrative news coming from... Read More

But will the PNP combatants listen to Mr A J Nicholson?

Tuesday, July, 2 2019    

Political campaigns in Jamaica, whether for internal party positions or for municipal or general elections, are no Sunday evening stroll and definitely not for the faint of heart. Read More

Let's start to really talk about artificial intelligence

Monday, July, 1 2019    

Like all well-thinking Jamaicans, this newspaper is happy for further confirmation of the improving employment environment, reflecting gradual economic growth. Read More

We must save the CMU success story

Sunday, June, 30 2019    

Something is rotten in the State of the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), to tweak Shakespeare's play Hamlet. The time is long gone for corrective action. Read More

Cricket West Indies must chart a new path

Saturday, June, 29 2019    

After West Indies used their fast bowlers to demolish Pakistan in their opening game of the ICC Cricket World Cup, Caribbean cricket fans dared to hope.As it has turned out, that early success was a false dawn. Read More

Big day for juvenile care centres, Jamaica

Friday, June, 28 2019    

It may go unnoticed, but today is a day in which all Jamaica should rejoice. Read More

Crime menace: If the JLP thinks it can't lose the election…

Thursday, June, 27 2019    

The ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) should be careful not to believe, as the People's National Party (PNP) did in 2016, that there was no way it could lose the next general election. Read More

A level playing field for schools the only solution to the 'agony'

Wednesday, June, 26 2019    

Despite various iterations of the placement tool for assigning students to secondary-level educational institutions since Independence — be it Common Entrance Examinations, Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), and the new Primary Exit Profile (PEP) — none has been able to reduce the... Read More

If we could just control the disorderliness on the roads…

Tuesday, June, 25 2019    

All of documented history demonstrates that an orderly, rules-based society is a prerequisite for social and economic development, and yet disorder seems to be the culture of most Jamaicans. Read More

A good move by Jamaica Producers Group

Monday, June, 24 2019    

We are always pleased when we see Jamaican companies excelling, both here and overseas, as that kind of growth and expansion redounds to the benefit of the company, its owners, employees and, ultimately, Jamaica. Read More

Is it time to name Messrs Edward Seaga, Michael Manley national heroes?

Sunday, June, 23 2019    

With the interment today of Mr Edward Phillip George Seaga, it might be appropriate to begin the debate, which is simmering beneath the surface, about whether he and the late Mr Michael Manley should be named national heroes. Read More

A timely reminder from the World Bank

Saturday, June, 22 2019    

Word from the World Bank this week that natural hazards — made more likely by climate change, such as flooding and storms — are costing poor nations hundreds of billions of dollars every year, due to crumbling infrastructure, is a timely reminder to us in this region that we... Read More

Moving beyond the Reggae Girlz's historic feat

Friday, June, 21 2019    

We can't say it often enough in this space that we are proud of our senior women's national football team, the Reggae Girlz. Read More


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