Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh crowned Miss World

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Toni-Ann Singh, Miss Jamaica World is Miss World 2019.Singh won from a field of 114 contestants at the 69th edition of the pageant in London today. Read more


Looking forward to the revived Reggae Sunsplash

Saturday, August, 31 2019    

Mr Tyrone Wilson, the CEO of eMedia Interactive Group Ltd, and his team who are reviving Reggae Sunsplash are starting out with the right frame of mind. Read More

Creating a proper social structure

Friday, August, 30 2019    

On Monday this week we had the pleasure of having an engaging discussion with six young, bright and brave Jamaicans who have ventured into business for themselves. Read More

Questions for the police after more balderdash from ACP Welsh

Thursday, August, 29 2019    

We note the speed with which the police high command moved to shut down Bishop Dr Gary Welsh after he chose to subject the public to a second round of balderdash in the space of a week. Read More

Great value in SDC's cricket competition

Wednesday, August, 28 2019    

The Social Development Commission (SDC) very rarely makes headlines.That's perhaps just as well, for there are a few State agencies over the last year or so that have made the news for all the wrong reasons. Read More

As Dorian approaches...

Tuesday, August, 27 2019    

Ba sed on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA's) forecast cone, Tropical Storm Dorian will strengthen to a hurricane by Thursday. It is expected to sideswipe Puerto Rico before hitting the Dominican Republic and Haiti after which... Read More

Lesson for us in the Amazon fires

Monday, August, 26 2019    

It will take quite a while to put out the fires that are now raging in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. What effect this disaster will have on our planet is yet to be seen; however, we can't ignore the fact that the Amazon, regarded as the “lungs of the Earth” because it... Read More

Talk is not cheap

Sunday, August, 25 2019    

An essential ingredient for economic growth is confidence. It allows producers, investors, consumers, and business people to operate in ways that are conducive to economic growth. In the absence of confidence, producers, investors, and consumers will make decisions... Read More

New season, new hopes for schoolboy football

Saturday, August, 24 2019    

Believe it or not, a whole year has passed and the start of the Under-19 schoolboy football season is just two weeks away. Read More

Let justice run its course...even in the church

Friday, August, 23 2019    

Yesterday's edition of the Jamaica Observer carried a banner story that should evoke much concern. Read More

ACP Welsh's balderdash

Thursday, August, 22 2019    

AT the launch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force's Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB) in December 2018 Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson issued the following warning: “Persons doing the right thing have nothing to be concerned about, and persons who... Read More

Mr Noel Dexter, a great but humble man

Wednesday, August, 21 2019    

Reflecting on the life Jamaican musicologist, composer and director Mr Noel Dexter took us to the following comment made by late United States President Harry Truman: “In reading the lives of great men I found that the first victory they won was over themselves... Read More

Important that JISCO/Alpart speaks

Tuesday, August, 20 2019    

News that there could possibly be job cuts at the JISCO/Alpart alumina plant in Nain, St Elizabeth is certainly not encouraging to the people who are likely to be affected, the community in which the plant is located and the country in general. Read More

Tough times for West Indies cricket

Monday, August, 19 2019    

What a difference a few months can make! Read More

Hoping good sense will prevent a global economic recession

Sunday, August, 18 2019    

There is nothing inevitable about a global economic recession because the world has learned how to reduce the intensity of a downsizing and to head off the worst. The art of economic policy is not perfect. Economists may not know how to produce economic growth but they certainly know... Read More

Weak global growth likely to mean US slowdown, not recession

Sunday, August, 18 2019    

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (AP) — How fragile is the global economy? The US-China trade war is weakening businesses in both countries, Germany's economy shrank in the second quarter, and Britain appears headed for a disruptive exit from the European Union this... Read More


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