It would take political guts to reduce murders

Thursday, June, 15 2017    

We have for some time in this space advocated the removal of crime from the partisan political arena to allow for a truly national assault on this scourge as the only way to get on top of our brutally high murder toll — 632 year-to-date. Read More

JADCO credibility at stake

Wednesday, June, 14 2017    

The acquittal of athlete Miss Kaliese Spencer yesterday by the Independent Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel has left the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) with egg on its face for the second time in a month. Read More

Messrs Paul Bogle and William Gordon would say thanks from their graves if…

Tuesday, June, 13 2017    

The latest promise to develop Morant Bay, the St Thomas capital, has come from no less than Prime Minister Andrew Holness who has laid out ideas for a new town centre rising from the ashes of the old Goodyear Tyre factory. Read More

Good news in education, but...

Monday, June, 12 2017    

News that, with the exception of one subject, Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) scores for 2017 showed “notable improvement” over last year is very pleasing. Read More

Mrs May's gamble has made UK situation worse

Sunday, June, 11 2017    

British Prime Minister Theresa May's decision to call a snap general election shattered her credibility because less than a year ago she made a solemn public commitment not to do so. Read More

The world of track inspired by Mr Usain Bolt

Saturday, June, 10 2017    

Those who watched the Olympic 400m final in Rio de Janeiro last year – whether live or on TV – aren't likely to forget it. Read More

Mr Bolt and Racers deserve high praise

Friday, June, 9 2017    

The eyes of the athletics world will be focussed on little Jamaica tomorrow for the second staging of the JN Racers Grand Prix which has been appropriately dubbed a salute to the legendary Mr Usain Bolt, the greatest sprinter yet to grace planet... Read More

Captain Horace Burrell – the signature event that gave back Jamaica its soul

Thursday, June, 8 2017    

Across history, there is a relatively small band of people who attain heights beyond the limits of their individuality. Driven, they then relentlessly follow a course that, at an appointed time, fires the imagination of entire nations and men call them great. Read More

Can we designate nature a legal entity?

Wednesday, June, 7 2017    

A recent court ruling in India has given legs to environment protection advocates and should, we believe, stimulate debate that could prove useful to mankind.Essentially, the court ruled that the Ganges river is a legal “person” in... Read More

Nice move, Mr Kevin O'Brien Chang

Tuesday, June, 6 2017    

Jamaica may yet salute Mr Kevin O'Brien Chang who, although being an enthusiastic public commentator, is proving he is not just all talk.Mr O'Brien Chang has committed his Fontana Pharmacy chain to what is a really nice and... Read More

Big mistake to think terror attacks can't happen here

Monday, June, 5 2017    

This newspaper joins the Government, Opposition and all well-thinking Jamaicans in condemning the horrific terrorist attack in London on Saturday, which has left seven people dead at Observer press time and dozens injured.Once... Read More

Mr Trump's 'climexit' from the Paris Accord

Sunday, June, 4 2017    

It is ironic that President Donald Trump announced that the United States, the second largest global carbon emitter, will withdraw from the Paris Accord, on the same day that China announced it had completed the construction of a 40-megawatt floating solar... Read More

Much more than a name change needed for WI cricket

Saturday, June, 3 2017    

Many Caribbean cricket followers are asking, ' w hat's in a name?' following official confirmation that the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has been rebranded as Cricket West Indies. Read More

Jamaica must get its due from bauxite mining

Friday, June, 2 2017    

With news last week that the Alpart alumina plant is due to resume refining operations on June 20, locals are expecting a big hike in employment numbers and increased economic activity.In fact, over recent months, employment has steadily picked up at Alpart as... Read More

The monsters who prey on poor, helpless old ladies

Thursday, June, 1 2017    

Five years ago a study by the Mona Ageing and Wellness Centre found that, in Jamaica, the elderly constituted 11.3 per cent of the population… and that number was projected to rise to 25 per cent by 2050.This therefore is an extremely... Read More


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