Great value in a National Health Insurance Plan

Friday, May, 10 2019    

While data showing that only 20 per cent of the population has health insurance is not new, it certainly should jolt us all to consider the value that a National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP) will offer to Jamaicans. Read More

HEART-felt gestures to a not-so-stupid girl after all

Thursday, May, 9 2019    

Jamaicans get excited every time they read a feel-good story of extraordinary honesty, as happened in the case of the inner-city mom who returned what could be millions of dollars she found recently in a banking machine booth. Read More

'Save nature to save ourselves'

Wednesday, May, 8 2019    

The headline on the Agence France Presse (AFP) report on a landmark UN assessment of the state of nature probably best summed up the gravity of the environmental threat facing mankind: 'Save nature to save ourselves, UN report pleads', it read. Read More

Rooms on the Beach: What Mr Vaz and Mr Paulwell have in common

Tuesday, May, 7 2019    

The sordid history of political corruption in this country has made it extremely difficult to give politicians the benefit of the doubt when it comes to even the most remote appearance of official graft. Read More

The CPL another potential boon for Jamaica's tourism

Monday, May, 6 2019    

Much as we are pleased with the return of Mr Chris Gayle to the Jamaica Tallawahs, this newspaper is even happier that the Twenty20 cricket franchise and the Jamaican Government have apparently settled their differences. Read More

End the nonsense about China taking over Jamaica

Sunday, May, 5 2019    

Jamaica recently signed the US$1-trillion Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of the People's Republic of China, and in so doing joined more than 100 other countries including our sister Caricom nations of Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. Read More

We cannot become lax with security measures at sporting events

Saturday, May, 4 2019    

There was a time, decades ago, when hooliganism of the type which marred the Red Stripe Premier League football final on Monday night was fairly commonplace in Jamaican football. Read More

World Press Freedom Day: Take nothing for granted

Friday, May, 3 2019    

Today's observation of World Press Freedom Day will no doubt serve to remind us in Jamaica never to take for granted the healthy press freedom we currently enjoy because many countries elsewhere are not as fortunate. Read More

SOE: We've lost so much time

Thursday, May, 2 2019    

Qualified or not, the support of the Opposition People's National Party (PNP) for the return of the state of emergency (SOE) in St James, and the declaration of two others — in Westmoreland and Hanover — shows that the measure works. Read More

No to bloodshed in Venezuela

Wednesday, May, 1 2019    

We fear that the foundation is being laid for a further worsening of the crisis in Venezuela. Read More

If the church is without compassion…

Tuesday, April, 30 2019    

If there is one place in the world where empathy, compassion, and a spirit of generosity and caring should be found, it must be in the Christian Church. Read More

Make the best use of today's bauxite meeting

Monday, April, 29 2019    

We hope some good will flow from today's meeting hosted by JISCO Alpart in Nain. Read More

Take Canada for granted at our own peril

Sunday, April, 28 2019    

Canada, besides being a long-standing and supportive friend of the Caribbean, has never sought to tell the governments of the region what to do in their internal affairs and how to conduct their foreign policy. Read More

Wishing the Windies all that's good for the World Cup

Saturday, April, 27 2019    

The face of One-Day International cricket has been transformed since its earliest days.Back then, with the players dressed in white flannel, a red ball being used and no fielding restrictions, each side batted for a maximum 60 overs. Read More

Stage set for interesting US presidential campaign

Friday, April, 26 2019    

Finally, Mr Joseph Biden, the former United States vice-president, has ended months of speculation by declaring his candidacy for the Democratic party nomination for the 2020 presidential election. Read More


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