Sound ganja advice from Mr Seiveright

Thursday, February, 2 2017    

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A tourism opportunity we just must not miss

Tuesday, January, 31 2017    

Going by the numbers alone, it makes absolute sense for the Government to target the health and wellness tourism market. Read More

JN Bank opens at an interesting time

Monday, January, 30 2017    

Jamaica will tomorrow welcome its newest financial entity when Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) opens its doors as JN Bank. Read More

Role models for all

Sunday, January, 29 2017    

We strongly suspect that apart from their roles as broadcasters, the late Messrs Peter Abrahams and Lindy Delapenha were very dissimilar in terms of personalities and interests. Read More

Unregulated foreign investment can be harmful

Saturday, January, 28 2017    

One of the factors hampering Jamaica’s ability to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) is the xenophobic suspicion that foreign companies doing business here are adversely exploiting workers and resources. Read More

We have to learn the hard lessons

Saturday, January, 28 2017    

Back in 2013, celebrated track coach Mr Glen Mills described the situation regarding prohibited and banned substances as a "minefield" for athletes. Read More

Kudos to Sandals, a net earner of hard currency for Jamaica

Thursday, January, 26 2017    

It is easy to take for granted the now unquantifiable contribution of the investments in Jamaica by the Sandals/ATL Group, the country’s largest single private earner of foreign currency. Read More

Do we need a public sex registry in Jamaica?

Wednesday, January, 25 2017    

The recent sexual accusations against clergymen have sparked calls for a sex registry in which the information about convicted sex offenders is accessible to the general public, as one means of protecting young girls in their communities. Read More

Battered and bruised, the Moravian

Tuesday, January, 24 2017    

Unitas Fratum Jamaica, better known as the Moravian Church in Jamaica, is facing perhaps its greatest crisis in the 260 years since the followers of John Hus set up shop in the island. Read More

Please, let’s organise communities to stand against crime

Sunday, January, 22 2017    

This newspaper considers crime and violence to be the biggest threat to the viability and healthy growth of the Jamaican economy and society.We take heart that, if his words are to be believed, Prime Minister Mr Andrew Holness agrees. Read More

The scourge of indiscipline

Saturday, January, 21 2017    

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Wishing and hoping as U-17 Boyz look to Panama

Saturday, January, 21 2017    

Money may be the root of all evil, but it also makes the mare go, and money is obviously a dire need as the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) prepares to send the national Under-17s off to the CONCACAF championship in Panama in April. Read More




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