The positives in London must not be lost in the mix

Monday, August, 14 2017    

We shouldn't be surprised if London is Mr Usain Bolt's favourite city behind Kingston.Surely there never has been a celebration of an athlete's career as was witnessed at the end of the IAAF World Championships in London yesterday. Read More

Undiplomatic and hypocritical comments against Chinese investors

Sunday, August, 13 2017    

In the last few days there has been a virulent outbreak of intemperate utterances with potentially harmful effects to Jamaica's friendship with the People's Republic of China. Read More

It's not all gloom in London

Saturday, August, 12 2017    

The relays remain as realistic medal prospects, but as we enter the final two days of the IAAF World Championships there is no escaping the reality that Jamaica's athletes in London have performed below expectations. Read More

A matter of credibility, Commissioner Quallo

Friday, August, 11 2017    

Most likely, Police Commissioner George Quallo has strong reason to support the findings of a committee established by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to review the behaviour of five policemen accused of misconduct during the May 2010 security forces' operation in West... Read More

Mr Maduro's actions run counter to democracy

Thursday, August, 10 2017    

If anyone had been uncertain that Venezuela was sliding towards dictatorship they would have been forced to relinquish all doubt that this was in fact happening after the installation, last week, of a Constituent Assembly and the actions of that body sanctioned by President Nicolas... Read More

Silence will only embolden criminals

Wednesday, August, 9 2017    

This country has been here many times before. Heartless scum who are poor excuses for human beings decide that they should kill people, particularly children, for whatever reason they see fit. Read More

Now our support is needed

Tuesday, August, 8 2017    

Things are definitely not going to plan in London, England, where the 16th International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships is unfolding in rather spectacular fashion. Read More

Mr Bolt's admirable instinct to do the right thing

Monday, August, 7 2017    

The extraordinary talent which has made him the universally accepted 'greatest sprinter of all time' is obviously a major reason for Mr Usain Bolt's immense popularity globally. Read More

Substituting reality with promises

Sunday, August, 6 2017    

Sometimes the best way to speak truth to political power and to politically partisan supporters without being the subject of sanction or reprisal is to provide an analogy and invite application to local conditions. Read More

Go, Mr Bolt! We are right behind you

Saturday, August, 5 2017    

For his millions of fans around the globe it was just a great relief to see Mr Usain Bolt break the tape, comfortably easing down, his face relaxed, having rushed to the front after a poor start. Read More

There is hope for the future after Bolt retires

Friday, August, 4 2017    

Ten days of what we expect to be exciting track and field competition open today with the 16th staging of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships in London, England. Read More

Play it safe on the roads, please

Thursday, August, 3 2017    

While we are encouraged by news that the number of road fatalities so far this year stand at 205, compared to 233 over the same period last year, we share the view expressed by Transport Minister Mike Henry that there are still far too many people dying on our... Read More

A promising start by Councillor Brown Burke

Wednesday, August, 2 2017    

Senator Angela Brown Burke has opened her innings as the People's National Party (PNP) candidate for the St Andrew South Western constituency on a promising note. Read More

Avoid the negligence that led to Denbigh debacle

Tuesday, August, 1 2017    

It is absolutely staggering that the organisers of the Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show, the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), should be shamed into meeting basic health standards in order for the event to be staged this year. Read More

Shoddy FLA needs urgent overhaul

Monday, July, 31 2017    

One news report last week reminded us that the Firearm Licensing Authority... Read More


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