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After all the hooting and the hollering...

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Dear Editor,

On Friday, September 29, 2017, to my delight and certainly to the delight of most Jamaicans, the article 'JCF promotes 28 senior cops' was published.

Finally some resolve for members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) who have no had a promotion in over two years. The promotions come on the tail end of a near-scandal that ensued when the Minister of National Security Robert “Bobby” Montague made a public call to the Commissioner of Police George Quallo and the Police Service Commission to effect the promotions that are already provided for. The minister surmised that deserving cops should be promoted quickly.

He cited a number of vacancies in the force — 85 for assistant superintendent, 11 for superintendent, 10 for senior superintendent, 64 for inspector, 46 for sergeants, and 152 for corporals. To date, eight members of the JCF have been promoted to the rank of senior superintendent and 20 others promoted to deputy superintendent. To that I say, good start!

After all the hooting and the hollering that the minister was out of line and that the calls should not have been made publicly, we have finally arrived at this point.

It shouldn't matter where, when, and by whom the call is made. What matters is that deserving officers of the JCF are promoted. Let's give our hard-working policemen and women something to fight for. Maybe then we can cap the attrition rate.

Let it be known that Minister Montague was well within his right as minister of national security and steward of that portfolio to ask that the vacancies be filled. Minister Montague has indicated that his Administration has the resources to pay these officers, so why the public outcry from members of the Opposition? Since the calls, haven't we noticed a 'pep in the step' of our officers with the seizure of guns, ammunition and the capture of Jamaica's most wanted man?

With all this, my only question is: When are the other promotions coming?


Patrice McLean

Walderston, Manchester