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Julian Robinson and others of his ilk should endure the same fear as us

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Dear Editor,

How pretentious is Julian Robinson for asserting that “the security of every Jamaican, regardless of status, must be assured by the Government” in response to the murder of former People's National Party Councillor Marjorie Morris as mentioned in the Jamaica Observer of Monday, February 11, 2019 in the the article 'PNP shocked by former councillor's murder'?

If I were even to convince myself he was concerned for all of us — and not a select few — his later remark that, in light of “experiencing vicious attacks on our elected or former elected officials, and heightened level of threats” he finds the Government's current proposal “to withdraw or minimise the security details of former ministers of government particularly troubling”, disabuses me of any such misunderstanding.

What does Julian Robinson think? His party can vote to not continue the states of emergency and other enhanced security measures which affect the safety of ordinary citizens, but he and others of his ilk can continue to enjoy the safety of their “security details”?


If one Jamaican has to continue being at risk from criminal elements, the whole lot of Julian Robinson and his counterparts ought to endure the same fear. If they want to feel safe and at peace in their comings and goings, so should the ordinary citizen. Bright!