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Justice system fix-up

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Dear Editor,

I think cutting the wood from the forest, the justice system can only be improved by:

1. the abolition of the jury system;

2. giving all judges absolute discretion as to whether or not there should be inquest without jury;

3. providing that no public prosecutor should go directly to any bench;

4. installing accountability, discipline and sanction as the axes of all evaluation;

5. restoring the preliminary enquiry, which was intended to purify matters before they reach to Supreme Court to avoid delays there;

6. abolishing the fixed date claim form;

7. allowing a default judgement to be entered against the Crown as it may occur between citizens;

8. enforcing that the constitution provides for equality before the law, and so it applies to even the prime minister, and should be to all judges of superior courts.

9. abolishing the distinction between inferior and superior courts that all courts may have equal jurisdiction;

10. reducing all costs to create better access to the courts and justice, and when matters are adjourned through no fault of litigants, but the fault of servants of the State, the State should pay such costs.


Owen S Crosbie

Attorney #155/barrister-at-law

Mandeville, Manchester