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Media wrong to criticise Holness

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Dear Editor,

Journalists are not above reproach. Therefore, citizens have the right to correct inaccuracies promoted by the media.

Few are greater expositors of free speech than journalists, since the lack of it would severely hamper their ability to disseminate information to the public.

Surprisingly, however, these advocates of free speech think that the prime minister should speak with restraint to suit their whims. Andrew Holness is being arraigned by the press for stating that his supporters ought to use his party's social media outlets to verify media reports. Journalists apparently view this assertion as an attack on the press, but they are wrong.

In the event that reporters err, Holness has a duty to debunk incorrect declarations. To do otherwise would constitute a flagrant disregard for the principles of good governance on his part, because he willingly allowed the proliferation of misinformation.

Further in his address, Holness offered no criticism of the press. Hence by propagating the lie that his criticisms undermine confidence in the media, journalists are sullying the reputation of their profession.

Andrew Holness has no intention to erode confidence in the media, since journalists can do this on their own. They promoted the myth that Holness criticised the media to create a story, but it only succeeded in proving that we cannot trust a sensational media.

Moreover, if any journalist sincerely believes that Holness denounced the press, then he obviously lacks perception.


Lipton Matthews