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PATH lines and COVID-19 spread

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Dear Editor,

The following is an open letter to the prime minister and minister of labour:


I have no further doubt that your Administration has been reckless in the handling of the COVID-19 crisis and having social distance. You and your Administration, along with the managers of the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH), have been negligent in spreading the virus.

Why do you have hundreds of people gathering at Harbour Street for a tracking number?

Why do you ask us to avoid social gatherings while your policy and management are making things worse and facilitating the spread of the virus?

You do not practise what you preach?

Allow me to teach you what better ways you have to handle and avoid the gathering. Simply, the PATH admin has all its beneficiaries' telephone numbers. Why not send the tracking number to the individuals by SMS (texts).

This would help to avoid people spending hours in line only to be told that out of the 26 letters in the alphabet you are only going to be serving the letters A and B. This is unconscionable and selfish. Don't you think we have things to do.

Mr Prime Minister, stop the public relations and do your work. This is slackness and it is getting worse under your leadership.

Do you care for the people? Well, show it and act, and stop the one bag a la la.


Howart Miller