Proper probe of Petrojam needed

The obvious politicking from the Opposition aside, no one can deny that what is happening at Petrojam needs to be investigated. And that investigation should go beyond the probe now being conducted by the Auditor General's Department. Read More

Relief as Mr Trump hears the children's cry
We received with great relief yesterday news that United States President Donald Trump had reversed himself and decided to sign an executive order ending the process of separating children from families at the US-Mexico border crossing.... Read More

Good advice from the World Bank
Going on the evidence so far, Prime Minister Andrew Holness is correct in stating that fiscal discipline is now a part of the DNA of the Jamaican Government, regardless of which of the two major political parties forms the Administration.... Read More

Five US first ladies hear the children's cry
If the Bible's injunction to “suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God” is to be heeded, then there will be hell to pay for what is happening at the United States-Mexico border.... Read More

The heroic, historic role of the National Library

Monday, June, 18 2018    

Most Jamaicans can be forgiven for knowing next to nothing about the National Library of Jamaica (NLJ). Read More

Bad enough when two elephants make love, far worse war…

Sunday, June, 17 2018    

All markets need to be embedded in an economic policy framework to manage the inevitable gyrations which are characteristic of markets. Read More

Tangible and intangible benefits of hosting a FIFA World Cup

Saturday, June, 16 2018    

The enthralling football on show at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is costing a lot of money.Though news reports vary, it appears the host nation has spent in excess of US$11 billion on the tournament. Read More

Heed President Macron's warning: There is no Planet B

Friday, June, 15 2018    

In April this year when French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the United States Congress, he raised the issue of America's withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and, in a most effective use of phrase, brought attention to the danger the world faces from climate... Read More

Making Jamaica a country: Basic schools part of the long road

Thursday, June, 14 2018    

There are any number of Jamaicans, some of them well educated, whose first exposure to anything resembling formal education was a basic school under 'Miss Mirrie's' shade tree or 'Miss Sam's kindergarten' operating out of a back room. Read More

Trump-Kim summit short on details, but we hope

Wednesday, June, 13 2018    

Readers will forgive us for not doing cartwheels over the announcements coming out of the just-ended summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore. Read More

New Barbican can be template for improving old towns

Tuesday, June, 12 2018    

The new Barbican town which has just emerged out of a $564.7 million (US$4.4 million) road upgrading works, is certainly a far cry from the Barbican Estate of 1755 when hundreds of slaves roamed the property and brewed rum. Read More

Let's re-energise that anti-mosquito campaign

Monday, June, 11 2018    

We note understandable alarm following reports that two deaths — a seven-year-old child late last year and a woman in her 30s in April — may have been caused by the mosquito-borne disease dengue fever. Read More

If Dr Clarke can rid public bodies of the pork barrel…

Sunday, June, 10 2018    

The presence of boards of public bodies will, for now and the foreseeable future, remain critical to the governance structure of Jamaica for a number of important, if obvious reasons. Read More

Bated breath as FIFA World Cup 2018 beckons

Saturday, June, 9 2018    

Football lovers the world over live for this magical time which comes every four years: the FIFA World Cup, now less than a week away. Read More

Let's unite to fight the obesity plague

Friday, June, 8 2018    

The Government has taken the sensible approach in giving at least six months' notice that it will, starting in January 2019, enforce restrictions on the use of sugary drinks in the diets of students and public health patients as part of efforts to combat growing obesity... Read More


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