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Solutions for the Jamaican crime problem

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Dear Editor,

Over the past 20 years Jamaica has become an island that has fostered a love for violence and immorality. Our nation's children are being indirectly taught that degrading themselves, disrespecting others, and being violent are somehow okay. It is now safe to say that our island has a culture of violence and disrespect.

Evil individuals have thrived in our society while law-abiding citizens have been suffering the consequences.

If acts of evil are not sufficiently punished then they are indirectly encouraged.

Music encouraging or indirectly suggesting violence needs to be banned from our radios. Individuals who are guilty of rape need to be publicly castrated. Individuals that abuse the law by falsely accusing others of rape need to be given the same amount of time that a real rapist would have got. Public execution of the nation's murderers needs to happen regularly to deter the act. And, finally, politicians who are found guilty of corruption need to serve double the time in prison that a normal citizen would face. This is simply because our nation's leaders need to lead by example.

It is time for our law-abiding citizens to feel safe on this beautiful island. Wicked and corrupt people in this country should be fearing the law and not laughing at it.

If we are to move forward as a country then we need to effectively fight back against evil. The way to do it is not by being tolerant and ineffective. The correct way is to drive fear into individuals who are looking towards hurting children and law-abiding citizens.

Unless these solutions are put into place more women will be raped, more of the nation's kids will have their minds corrupted, more innocent individuals will be imprisoned for acts that they did not commit, more politicians will abuse their power, and more law-abiding citizens will lose their lives. We need to fight back against individuals who are against the State.

We do not need more prisons; we need less. Punish those who lie, murder, and rape, or we will have a society worse than the one we currently have.


Damalio Powell