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Time to improve the Jamaican premier league

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Dear Editor,

It is no secret that our local premier league is one that is filled with talent. However, talent without execution is worth less than table salt. If the talent that we have cannot effectively be presented to the right people, then what is the point?

The question then is: How can the Jamaican Premier League effectively increase its revenue? The solution is through broadcasting rights and player transfers.

There are numerous ways to get billions of dollars pumped in our premier league. However, let's speak about the solutions that will not cause the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) to break the bank.

The first solution is to create a website that will effectively present the statistics of the players in our premier league. Showing the top goal scorers is not enough, and only serves to benefit the strikers. Goalkeeping clean sheets, defensive statistics, and assist tables must be shown on this proposed website to not only attract investors and clubs, but also fans.

Another cost-effective way is to optimise the Jamaican premier league YouTube channel and Facebook page. The YouTube channel should operate in a manner that is on par with international standards. The channel should show match day highlights of every game that takes place. It should also consist of player profiles to better connect with the fans. Facebook can be used to show similar content, such as highlights and sponsored posts to better reach different audiences.

Almost all the football clubs in Jamaica are struggling. The premier league in Jamaica needs to recognise that there are many ways to increase revenue without financially drowning. Football is a billion-dollar business, and, as a country, we have the talent here to join in that pie. It is time that our players, coaches, and clubs stopped living hand to mouth and start thriving.

The novel coronavirus may have put a temporary stop to the action. Nevertheless, the best time to sit and plan an effective way forward is now.


Damalio Powell