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UTech salutes Easton Douglas

Monday, September 10, 2018

Dear Editor,

The Faculty of The Built Environment extends sincere condolence to the family and colleagues of the late Mr Easton Douglas.

Mr Douglas, who passed recently, was a former Minister of Housing and a key player in the land and housing development sector in Jamaica. His expertise in land valuation and land administration was of significant value to the Faculty of the Built Environment

Mr Douglas's contribution to the BSc Land Economy & Valuation (LEVS) course of study in the School of Building and Land Management cannot be overstated. He was not only a consistent patron of the education and training in Valuation Surveying offered by this faculty, he was a founding member of the LEVS diploma course which was later upgraded to the BSc LEVS Degree.

His support for the establishment of education and training in Valuation Surveying was a true reflection of the foresight he had and his dedication to developing young professionals. He continued to avail himself to the LEVS Division and its students over the decades by providing guidance and leadership in matters of academe and practice.

He was a consistent employer in the BSc LEVS internship programme and was a dedicated panellist on final-year research proposal presentation panels.

Mr Douglas did not only provide feedback as a panellist; he would invite and engage students in follow-up meetings and discussions on their research projects. Perhaps because of his years of working with students, his patient and encouraging manner in giving corrections could not be overlooked.

The programme director for the now Real Estate Management and Valuation programme recalls that, although the students, knowing his stature and wealth of experience in the field, would be somewhat timid in presenting to him, they were eager for his comments and were always re-energised by his motivation.

Another notable contribution to the division and the school was Mr Douglas's infamous guest lectures on the Development Approval Process in Jamaica. Students from as far back as the 1980s recount his very thorough, clear and stimulating presentations on this topic, a presentation which he last gave in our Annual Faculty Lecture Series in April 2016.

The Faculty of The Built Environment salutes the sterling contribution of the late Easton Douglas to the university and the wider national and regional communities.


Joan Spencer-Rowe

Corporate Communications Office

University of Technology, Jamaica