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Was the young girl abused again?

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Dear Editor,

In what I consider a very opportunistic, dangerous and downright exploitative move, radio personality Jenny Jenny used her platform on national free-to-air radio to interview the now 13-year-old victim involved in the “cruelty to a child” case, made public by the circulation of a video of a mother beating her child with what resembled a machete.

This interview raises a number of issues, some possibly legal, including:

• Did Jenny Jenny or her employers secure consent from the guardian — the aunt?

• Since the matter is before the courts, or was at least the subject of an investigation by the relevant authorities, was the minor afforded the proper protections?

Additionally, a number of the questions asked by Jenny Jenny seem to have been designed to depict the victim and her parent/family in a less than complimentary light. What really was the motive for the interview?

Moreover, did Jenny Jenny abuse her role as a reporter in this matter?

In my view, this matter is another example of a recent trend of irresponsible journalism, in which media professional are now so focused on ratings and the need to get the scoop that they are willing to trample on the implication for and rights of the defenceless, including minors.

I recall an example, in 2016, when reporters, covering an incident that reportedly happened at a prominent Corporate Area high school, interviewed students in uniform and showed their faces.

This madness must stop. Jenny Jenny and her employers should apologise to the family and also the public for that invasion of privacy and abuse.

I would further counsel the family to seek legal advice on the matter and that they bring the incident to the attention of the Child Development Agency for their opinion on what happened and what was asked.


G D Bryan