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Why are NIS payments late?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dear Editor,

I went to the Constant Spring Post Office to collect my twice weekly National Insurance Scheme (NIS) payment on Saturday. No one was at the relevant window but there were 'signs of life', so I waited a few minutes.

Not seeing anyone come, I went towards the employee dealing with packages and asked if anyone was, in fact, serving at the 'NIS window'. She told me they had no money and I should return on Wednesday at 12 noon.

I couldn't believe it, worse yet, having travelled in the heat and dust of Constant Spring Road, which is being widened from two to four lanes along with other improvements being done.

Disappointed, and wondering exactly what was going on, I went to visit my disabled friend nearby. Relating what had happened at the post office she said the same thing happened to her last week. Her niece went to collect her money and was told to return the following week.

She, too, wondered what had happened to pensioners' money. Little though it may be, it helps with groceries and/or medication.

Is the Government using it for anything other than the intended purpose? Are companies, agencies, et al, paying over their employees' deductions? Were people who had worked and served their country until they retired really being looked after?

Plus, we had not seen or heard any notice of late payment — or did it miss us?

Apart from this, some retirees get their books late. My sister, for instance, when one pension book is finished, waits four to six weeks before she gets another one. Sometimes she has to send to the post office (Half-Way-Tree) to find out if it is sitting there.

What' s going on? Are the needy elderly being looked after?



Kingston 8