Patrece Charles-Freeman to take East St Thomas — Holness

BY INGRID BROWN Senior staff reporter

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


JAMAICA Labour Party leader and Prime Minister Andrew Holness, has expressed confidence that Dr Patrece Charles Freeman can take home the East St Thomas seat for the party.

Charles-Freeman, who is the daughter of party stalwart Pearnel Charles, is hoping to wrestle the seat, once contested by her father, from the Opposition People's National Party's Dr Fenton Ferguson.

Ferguson has been Member of Parliament for more than 20 years.

But Holness, heartened by the turnout of green clad labourites who came out to greet him during a tour of the constituency, said he is convinced that victory belongs to Charles.

"You lift my spirit and I just know it now," Holness told supporters in Dalvey a short while ago.

"This lady has worked and put in effort, showed energy and shows she can represent the people and will be your next Member of Parliament," Holness told the cheering labourites as he and Charles Freeman shook hands, waved and smiled.

"Hold on to your victory," Holness urged.

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