Polling begins

Jamaica Observer

Thursday, December 29, 2011


THE Electoral Commission of Jamaica says all arrangements are in place for the taking of the polls today.

Polling will take place in 6,629 stations at 2,200 locations across the sixty three constituencies. The polls will open at 7:00 am and will close at 5:00 pm.

The voters list to be used is that published on November 30. Persons whose names do not appear on this list will not be allowed to vote.

The Electronic Voter Identification and Ballot Issuing System will be used in 8 constituencies, six fully and 2 partially. EVIBIS will be used in all polling stations in St Catherine Eastern, St Andrew West Central, St Andrew South Eastern, Kingston Central, and St Andrew Western, and in some sections of St Andrew North West and St Andrew North Central.

Voters are asked to bring their voters ID to the polling stations. Electors who do not have their voters IDs will still be allowed to vote, once their names appear on the voters’ list and their identities can be verified. Electors without ID cards must also be fingerprinted and are required to take an oath of identity before being issued a ballot.  

All employers are being reminded that members of their staff who wish to vote should be given three hours, in addition to the usual meal hour, to do so. This however does not apply to employees who start work at 10:00 am or later or end their shift at 2:00 pm or earlier.

Electors, Election Day Workers, Observers, and Indoor agents are being reminded that the use of cellular phones, cameras, or any other image capturing devices is banned inside the polling station.  

There are 1,648,036 electors registered on the voters list.

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