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Desperate women

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

If she be mad....

As I do believe no other....

Her madness hath

The oddest frame of sense.

-- Shakespeare, Measure for Measure V, 1

There has to be some link or corelation between desperation and madness. After all, people who are desperate and people who are insane often end up doing the same things. Desperate times call for desperate measures and in desperate times it's every woman for herself and the devil takes the hindmost.

I say this because the more I observe or hear about the things that women do in order to get a man, I come to the conclusion that being so desperate addles their brains, or as Jamaicans say, "Dem lick dem head."

And yet, these women, many of them supposedly intelligent and educated, do things that are so out of the realm of normal behaviour, that it makes you sit up and wonder. Most are unaware of their insanity. No wonder Shakespeare penned, "Thou art essentially mad, without seeming so." Here we call it 'silent mad'.

Desperate women are on the agenda today, right after these responses to 'Growing old'.

Hi Tony,

Thank God for the very good years. They make getting old almost bearable when one has nostalgia on which to fall back on. Complaining to one's physician about aches and pains is blamed on getting on in age, but many are surprised when I tell them my age, as they always think that I look much younger than I really am.

Perhaps it's because I try to think like a 30-year-old mostly, and like an 18-year-old in certain instances (nudge nudge, wink, wink). I don't mind getting old, though, as the alternative is death, and I'm definitely not ready for that yet.


Mr Robinson,

You seem to be wise beyond your years, or maybe you simply have an acute awareness of the plight of old people. Very often we are the forgotten lot, only visited when the young ones have nothing else to do. Maybe I have outlived my usefulness and they can't wait for me to pass on and stop being a burden to them. Or maybe I am their conscience and they can't bear to be around me because of guilt. I asked someone to write this on their computer for me, as technology is for the young. My advice to the young is, be prepared, for one day you, too, will wear the old shoes.


What is it about some women that makes them desperate to have a man? I'm not picking on women, but men don't seem to share this desperation or have the desire to 'must get a woman', whatever the consequences. This was brought to my attention and placed on the front burner by the recent escape of those two prisoners from New York a few weeks ago. One has been recaptured and the other killed by the cops.

When all was said and done, it was discovered that a female employee of the prison was instrumental in getting the men to escape from the maximum security institution. Reports stated that she was involved with both of the prisoners and smuggled in -- inside frozen hamburger meat -- the tools that aided their escape.

To add even more madness to the desperation quotient of the sinister and dastardly act, was the plan by the trio to kill her husband so that she could live happily ever after with one, if not both, of the men. What was she thinking and did she really believe that those men wanted her for herself? But remember, desperation and madness are spawned from the same gene pool, and people often do not think far ahead to the long term consequences. All they see is the here and now.

I subsequently learned that her situation was not unique, as thousands of female prison officials across America get sexually involved with male prisoners. Many become pregnant. The figures are staggering and disturbing. And while most of these women are single and lonely, others are married, and with children, but are just desperate to be with a man.

This male ex-prisoner spoke on camera about the rampant sex that goes on behind bars with women officials that makes you wonder about the level of desperation that these women display. I could understand male prison officials preying on female prisoners, but the women seem far more desperate and inventive. The guy who spoke said that sex took place in all areas of the prison -- laundry rooms, closets, even cells.

Here in Jamaica it's no different, and even though the women here aren't prison officials, they display the same level of desperation as those foreign women. They are so desperate to be with a man that they take leave of their senses. Again, desperation and madness, dancing a tango to the beat of the insane. "Is desperate she desperate suh fi find a man that she sell off everything and fly out?"

It seems as if Facebook is the new frontier where desperate women seek the men of their dreams. The stories would be comical if they weren't so absurd and sad. There is this commercial on US television where this girl is boasting to her friend that she met the man of her dreams on the Internet, and that he was French. Up walks this disheveled looking bum who mumbles to her, "Bonjour", to which she then gloats to her girlfriend, "See, I told you he was French." The dangers of the Internet and the lies that unfold there are staggering.

Yet these gullible women spend their days and nights poring over the Internet pages, desperately seeking a man. Maybe if they saw that ad they would wise up, although I doubt it, for you cannot reason with insanity or desperation. The bottom line is, men tell lies on the Internet and on Facebook.

Every man there posts that he is either a wealthy businessman, a high-ranking military officer, an airline pilot, a big wig lawyer, a surgeon, or a big time politician. All are single, and no power on Earth can convince these women that these men are frauds.

"No, you are wrong, he's for real and I'm going to meet him soon." That's another thing, why is it that the women are always asked to fly up to these men? Why can't the men ever come here?

Desperation makes not only strange bedfellows, but makes these women believe anything. When I talk to some of them I cannot believe the level of gullibility that they have fallen to. "Do you really believe that man is a prince from Abu Dhabi and wants to marry you... so why is he asking you for plane fare?"

I know this teacher lady who sold her house and flew to meet this man somewhere in the Middle East. Her dream was shattered when she discovered that he was a fraud living in something looking like a shack somewhere in the desert. She came back home with much regrets. No one could convince her before of the error of her ways. But she learnt her lesson now... until the next time.

Class, colour, social standings, do not alter the level of desperation that these women exhibit. Some have even taken to posting their life stories on dating sites, hoping to get a man. I listen when they speak to me, but I have learnt to keep my mouth shut, for desperate women do not want to hear the voice of logic or reason.

They will even curse those who try to show them their mistakes, accusing them of jealousy. "It's because you don't want me to be happy why you telling me this," they will say.

Some of them will meet a man on Facebook and start to look at wedding gowns the very next day. I tell you, Facebook is the new frontier of folly, foolishness and desperation, and desperate women dot the landscape. But why are they so desperate? I shall find out and tell you.

More time.


Footnote: Water, water everywhere... nor any drop to drink. So went the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Those words certainly apply to Jamaica, the land of wood and water. What water? Every year we go through the same song and dance of water lockoffs and restrictions. From my father was a boy there were the Mona reservoir and Hermitage dam. The population has grown immensely, yet we still only have those two water facilities.

What is even more astonishing to me is that some experts are saying that we do not need any more reservoirs. Common sense dictates that if we have more reservoirs, then we'll have more storage capacity. Even beavers know that.

These experts dazzle us with science and every year we suffer... no water. Fifty years from now when the population has doubled, will they be singing the same song... that we don't need any more reservoirs? Experts built the Titanic and said that it was unsinkable. It sank on its maiden voyage.

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