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Writer launches 'REVOLUTION'

Richard Johnson

Thursday, November 24, 2011

FROM the sound of the speeches delivered on Tuesday evening at the launch of the latest Jamaican book, it would seem the revolution is at hand and will definitely be televised.

The book, Tried & True: Revelations of a Rebellious Youth, is written by 29-year-old Gavin Hutchinson who writes under the pseudonym Dutty Bookman.

The work is autobiographical in nature and covers four years from 2006-2010 following studies at university in the United States.

Speaking at the launch, Bookman said the revolution is always at the forefront of his mind, and as such he would like readers of the work to feel they can be part of the procress towards revolution.

"My mode is to create a spiritual revolution, a creative revolution. Therefore, this book is about a male trying to live righteous and pure in the Jamaican society, and ultimately trying to stay positive even though he is yearning to be heard.

Bookman demonstrated his brand of revolution as he read an excerpt from the work.

The extract related how he, along with his friend reggae singer Protojé, was stopped by the police in the Windward Road area of east Kingston.

Having found a small quantity of marijuana, Bookman was arrested and charged with possession of the narcotic. However, his brand of revolution was to rear its head, as during his interrogation by the police his defiance struck a chord with Protojé, who used the incident as the subtext for his track Wrong Side of the Law, which is included on his debut CD, Seven-Year Itch.

Having set up the context for the song, the guests at Tuesday's book launch were treated to a performance by Protojé.

Bookman, however, informed that for him, revolution is never negative, but rather "decisive, positive change".