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Badda General wants Money App

By Kevin Jackson
Observer writer

Saturday, July 04, 2020

DEEJAY Badda General says women who receive financial support from men over the years and then decide to split when the going gets tough, should repay the men. He reinforces this belief on his latest single Money App .

“One night I was about to jump into the shower, thinking to myself what would happen if there wasn't Cash App or PayPal? And with that I decided I was going to do a song about Money App,” Badda General explained.

Cash App and PayPal are online services used for the transfer of money between bank accounts.

“I think women who have been receiving financial assistance from their boyfriend or husband for years and [then] leaves him when he is going through financial struggles should pay up now,” said Badda General.

Released on May 30, Money App was co-produced by Real Squad Records and Danger Zone Music Group.

Although the song's topic is a controversial one, Badda General says the response has been overwhelming.

“I cannot complain about the love that I've been getting from radio DJs from all over. The song is loved by both male and female radio DJs,” he explained.

The Florida-based dancehall artiste is originally from St James. His affiliation with music began at a young age as his father owned a sound system. Later on he did a stint as a selector with the Montego Bay-based Pieces Sound. 19 years ago he started Madd Squad Sound.

“Badda General is an artiste whose aim is to carve his own lane in the music. I am inspired by many artistes but I try to sound like myself. I am also doing music to keep the genre fun and entertaining,” said Badda General.

Born Omari Lawrence, the deejay has recorded for producers including Singso Music, Journey Music, and Rebel World Records.