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Chi Ching Ching to turn tables

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

TOASTER-CUM-DEEJAY Chi Chi ng Ching said he is currently working on his debut album Turning Tables , which is set for release early this year.

Turning Table s is all about my struggles, coming from nothing to something. Mi haffi appreciate nothing cause nothing give me the opportunity...nothing give me the drive to go and have something. Turning Tables nuh really mean mi have a table a turn, it means I'm coming from nothing to something and turned that nothing into something,” Chi Ching Ching told Jamaica Observer.

The 14-track album is being produced by Sean Paul's Dutty Rock Productions. Rock the World, released on December 15, and last August's Crick Neck featuring Sean Paul are to be included on the set.

“It's a world album; it's a happy album. I'm not gonna really base the album off dancing but, as you know, my songs are alcohol-free, down to the kids can have it. Even a Christian can listen to it in church so that's the mission about the album — to make the world happy,” he said.

Reflecting on 2017, Chi Ching Ching said his career received an international boost, following a European tour with Sean Paul. Among the countries visited were Germany, England, Australia and the United States.

“That help mi career in many ways. It put me on a bigger platform and it mek people zoom in on who is Chi Ching Ching. You know every artiste have them own fan base, so Sean Paul just give me an opportunity to showcase my talent on his platform. I go there, I did my best, and the world receive it,” hesaid.

Chi Ching Ching rose to prominence in the 2000s for his catchy slangs and dance moves.

He recorded his first single, Lock Pon Di Ting, in 2014.

His other releases include Popcorn Pop, Watchi Wiya, Roast Or Fry (Breadfruit), and Way Up Stay Up.

— Sade Gardner