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Coppershot marks 25 years

Observer writer

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Matthew “Nero-P” Gray, co-founder of sound system Coppershot, believes the Noise Abatement Act should be revised to assist in boosting the entertainment industry.

“I definitely believe that the Noise Abatement Act could be revised. Many persons indirectly benefit from events being held — not just the people we see at the forefront [promoters and selectors], but also the pan chicken man or the 'sweetie' or peanut vendor. These people need these events to sell their goods to survive. This Act has also significantly affected the sound system culture, as we now have to be cognisant of the amount of equipment we use at events so other persons are not disturbed,” Gray the Jamaica Observer.

He continued: “Our sound system culture is known for its heavy thumping bass from the reggae and dancehall music. But we definitely need to strike a balance so it's not a nuisance to the people who don't want to take part in it and still have places that people who choose to party till morning can do so as well.”

He had some recommendations for the Government.

“The Government should have a sit-down with all stakeholders and work out a revised time that would have be more fitting for the business side of events, and to follow through on the special entertainment zones that won't disturb people. And also, to look more at what the culture and events do for the country and take steps to protect and enhance it.”

In recent months, the enforcement of the Noise Abatement Act has led to the premature ending of several high-profile events. Currently, events being held on weeknights are restricted to 12 midnight, while those on weekend should end at 2:00 am.

The police high command, as well as Security Minister Horace Chang and Entertainment and Culture Minister Olivia Grange, held separate meetings with sound system operators and selectors.

On Tuesday, Grange announced that Fort Rocky in Port Royal, as well as venues in Negril, Trelawny, and Portmore, St Catherine, have been identified as entertainment zones without restriction from the Noise Abatement Act.

Coppershot celebrates its 25th anniversary tonight at Caymanas Gold Club. Among those billed to perform are Bounty Killa, Chi Ching Ching, Cham, Sean Paul, Munga, and newcomer Moyann.

Gray shared what patrons can expect at tonight's execution.

“We will be pulling out all the stops for the 25th anniversary, also with Sean Paul being a part of the event you can expect the best party and entertainment experience, and nothing less.”

The current members of Coppershot are Shaun “CopperShaun” Anderson, Jason “Jigzag” Henriques, Marc Chin, Blaine “Cutty” Nesbitt, Andrew “Ash” Hemley, Daniel “Stylz” Marino, Kevin “Cyclone” Walker, Shamani “Kitt” Hayles, Russell “Russ Buss” Gordon and Matthew “Witty Blacks” Thomas.

Previous members of the team include Major Lazer's Walshy Fire, DJ Sanjay, ZJ Ice, and DJ Cut Eye. Supporting members include Marc Thomas, Banky Slaughter and Jerry Wonder.

Gray shared some of the highlights for the sound over the 25 years.

“There are a few things that stand out for me. Firstly, to be able to cross over between parties and corporate and become a brand that is respected in both circles has been a big deal for us. In terms of playing, we have done most of, if not all of the big events in Jamaica and have gone on to do events in parts of the world we would only have dreamt of wwhen we first started out. Being the first sound to travel to the Middle East and Ireland is a significant highlight worthy of mention,” he said.