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Father Ho Lung, Friends welcome back Isaiah

By Kediesha Perry
Observer writer

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

As part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, Father Ho Lung and Friends will remount Isaiah , their first reggae opera.

The announcement was made at Spanish Court Hotel Worthington in Kingston last Saturday. In addition to Father Ho Lung and Friends' milestone, the Roman Catholic priest celebrated his 80th birthday.

“I think it's very timely, it's about the prophet and how he died for his people to spread the word of God and to let people realise that there is something else than just acquiring for yourself but that we are here to bring justice, especially for the poor,” Father Ho Lung told the Jamaica Observer.

There will be special school shows between September 26 and 27, as well as October 2-4. The public may attend between September 28 and 29 or October 5-6. All productions will be held at National Arena in Kingston.

Isaiah, which was first staged in 1997, has several changes.

“It's been very much revised. For instance, you will see the tongues of fire placed on the tongue of the prophet so that he can speak with great passion and convince the people to go the way of God,” Ho Lung said.

He added that when he conceptualised the production 50 years ago, he had no idea it would blossom into something so impactful.

“I just wanted to spread the gospel message through music, dance, theatre…I didn't really know that it would ever reach this level, where it's affecting so many people. I just did what was natural,” Ho Lung explained.

Not only is Ho Lung heavily involved in entertainment, he has assisted hundreds of homeless, poor and abandoned Jamaicans through his Missionaries of The Poor organisation.

Unfortunately, on August 27, the Good Shepherd Home located on Fleet Street in central Kingston, which housed 70 persons, was burnt down. A representative from Kingston Wharves presented $500,000 to the benevolent organisation on Saturday to help with rebuilding.

Proceeds from Isaiah will go towards Missionaries of The Poor.