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Fresh calls for end to violence against kids

Monday, January 01, 2018

Spanish Town-based dancehall artiste Rollie Fresh is making an impassioned appeal to end violence against children.

“We have a problem with dispute resolution in our country. A lot of the violence is domestic-related and avoidable, and it is messing up our youths. We need strong black families to create a structure to teach respect, where as a society, we are not prompted to diss each other and see things as a disrespect so easily, and things escalate towards violence,” Rollie Fresh said.

He released a single called Protect The Future in May 2017. The song was released on the Above The Average Records label.

He believes that some parents have abandoned their responsibilities as role models.

“The problem is how parents choose to raise their kids. They allow them to go to dances or idle on the streets after hours. Some of them are even drinking alcohol and smoking. What's happening now is not an overnight thing, it's something that has been slowly taking root over time,” said the artiste, whose given name is Dwayne Newby.

Rollie Fresh said this month he will be turning his attention towards promoting a fun song, Cyaan Roll, which speaks to the unspoken rules that govern behaviour in a man's car.

“Is a fun song, and that's why I got Tanto Blacks to appear in the video, which is essentially about how people disrespect the sanctity of a man's car, either by putting their feet on the dashboard, or smoking or eating sardines in the car. So is a fun song, and the video is going to make it a hit,” he said.