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Freshaz Fete on next Saturday

By Kevin Jackson
Observer writer

Saturday, September 21, 2019

SCHOOL is back in session after the long summer beak, however, that doesn't mean that the fun has stopped. The Students' Union of the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) will stage its annual Freshaz Fete next Saturday, September 28.

Dubbed 'Nube Nueve: Paint and Glow Edition', the event is scheduled to take place at Poolside, Harbour View in east Kingston.

According to Jerome Morant, who oversees the activities of the Students' Union, the objective of the event is to integrate new students with the older students.

“The overall objective of Freshaz Fete is for new and returning students to integrate with each other and also to integrate with external patrons. The workload at the university is quite hefty, and we, the Students' Union representatives, want to ensure that the students are well-relaxed before they are fully ready to enter the classrooms,” said Morant, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Customs Processes, Freight Forwarding and Immigration.

He continued: “Freshaz Fete has been in existence since we were Caribbean Maritime Institute, and continues since we gained our university status. The only difference is that we have more innovative thinkers now, and we are now better able to meet the expectations of our patrons.”

An intense musical inferno will be provided by the likes of ZJ Chrome, DJ Barney, and DJ Buju.

Morant, a former Mr CMU title holder, shared what patrons can expect at the event.

“Usually, we have an all-white theme, but this year I did an Instagram survey, and based on the results we received, we decided to change things up a bit. This year we are introducing a paint and glow theme. We don't have a specific dress code this year, as we want our patrons to dress how they feel comfortable. We'll be having 'top-class' liquor, jellowshot, glow-in-the-dark sticks, necklace, etc,” he told Jamaica Observer.

He added: “The lighting from our production team will also reflect the theme perfectly. There is also a dry section for the VIP. This section is for persons who do not want to be painted. The name of the party is Nube Nueve, [which] when translated means cloud nine; we literally want them to feel like they are on cloud nine, having the time of their lives.”