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Great storytelling at 'I Am Gold'

By Aaliyah Cunningham
Observer writer

Thursday, October 24, 2019

With a message of hope, healing and restoration, Ycats Soul and Dance lit up the Little Theatre on Sunday evening with the 2019 staging of From the Arts With Love under the theme 'I Am Gold'.

In its 11th staging, artistic director Stacy Lee Myrie said the highlight of the evening was simply just seeing the vision coming together.

“The performers really believed in something and really felt as though they were using their talents to inspire each member of the audience and just seeing that was very beautiful and I was certainly very pleased,” she shared.

The two-act performance featured a dramatic piece interspersed among the over 20 dance works performed by the junior, senior and intermediate dancers. The story surrounded a young woman on her quest to self-actualisation. Filled with endless moments of comedic relief and superb choreography the audience was truly entertained.

One patron, Anna Peart expressed to the Jamaica Observer that she appreciated how the story was told.

“The drama pieces in between the dance made the story more engaging, the dances seemed to have more meaning because of it,” she said.

Her comment was seconded by Jose Samuels.

“Honestly, at first I did not really understand where the show was going but after really getting into it, I realised that it all made the overall presentation better,” he seconded.

According to Myrie, the proceeds usually go back into hosting the event yearly, as the funds raised are used for costumes, designing and the venue. The group also makes the extra effort to give back to those less fortunate.

“This year we used the proceeds to take 160 children from seven children's home to see the show. Just so they could get the experience,” she said.

Preparation for the event began in August 2019. Myrie believes the biggest challenge was getting all the dancers ready for the production given the time constraints.

“Majority of our dancers had CSEC, CAPE or PEP exams so we didn't hit the ground running. However, I am certainly happy that we pulled through and gave a marvelous showing,” she said.

The story behind 'I Am Gold' speaks to the discovery of something valuable about ourselves; and us achieving success and triumph amidst trials.