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Gucci Boss, Dihane Mendez 'pop style'

Observer writer

Monday, December 02, 2019


Show-stopping outfits, great entertainment, and good vibes brought the curtains down on the 2019 grand final of Campari Pop Style held at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in St Andrew on Saturday night.

With $250,000 up for grabs for each winner, the event now in its third year, had contestants put together jaw-dropping pieces in a bid to excite the large audience, who would have the final say.

Five females put their best foot forward, as they vied for the top prize. However, it was fashion design student Dihane Mendez who walked away with the top honours.

“Honestly, I am extremely grateful! I am a final-year student at Edna Manley (College for the Visual and Performing Arts) and this money will be very beneficial in helping me to finish,” Mendez told Jamaica Observer.

Sporting a blue and red metallic piece, Mendez said her inspiration for the outfit was derived from her fascination with the future.

“I like the idea of the future and everything. I use like reflective material and so on that I generally use to reflect the future,” she said.

On the male side, Gavin “Gucci Boss” Farrier proved to be the ultimate show stopper.

“I feel so awesome! I feel so wonderful and overwhelmed right now!' he said.

“Growing up in St Thomas I always like looking good so I always save my money to buy whatever I want to look good. Campari Pop Style means everything to me! It has always been my dream to pop style,” he said.

Marsha Lumley, marketing director of Gruppo Campari Jamaica, in an interview with the Observer said Campari Pop Style seeks to tap into the creative side of their consumers to unearth their confidence and talent.

“The aim of Campari Pop Style is to really showcase Campari engaging with consumers all across Jamaica. We want to show that the brand is stylish and fun! Campari represents excitement and good times and we want Jamaica to know that this is all about coming out and looking your best!” said Lumley.

The night concluded with a spectacular performance from Spice.