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Isiah Mentor continues warning

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

In light of the recent incidents of murder-suicide, reggae singer Isiah Mentor is reaching out to the males who feel cheated and are harbouring thoughts of revenge.

According to him, that message is God ah Go Deal with Them , his latest single. Self-produced on his Village Roots label, it was released in October 2019.

“I am reaching out to all the men who are committing these acts of violence against women, mi know the violence, mi know the peer pressure, mi know the stress , but leave all vengeance to the Almighty, cause God ah go deal with everything and we say one love,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

In recent weeks, there have been at least two highly publicised incidents of murder-suicide. One occurred last week when two Jamaicans and their two-year-old daughter lost their lives after an explosion and subsequent fire at their house in Southeast Side, Columbus, in Ohio, USA. The police suspected that the woman, Nerissa Distin, was stabbed to death before the fire was set that killed 42-year-old Gary Morris and their two-year-old daughter, Serina Morris.

On Sunday, there was a murder/suicide involving a Jamaica Defence Force Corporal and his common-law wife. The soldier, Doran McKenzie, is believed to have chopped his 34 year-old common-law wife, Suianne Easy, to death, then turned a gun on himself.

Another case involved a 30-year-old man, Andre Bromfield who was charged with murder following the shooting death of a woman at a food store on South Race Course Road, Mandeville.

“There are too many of these killings involving Jamaican men killing their spouses, it's just too much, and it's almost like a copycat situation, leave things to God,” Mentor said.

He initially wrote the song after the rash of killings of young schoolchildren, especially girls, in recent times, and a rise in reprisal killings.

“The murderers often have anxiety and paranoia over their terrible acts. They are going through torture before the Almighty finally takes them. We leave all vengeance to the Almighty,” he said.