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Kananjah warns of cultural invasion

Monday, February 11, 2019

Kananjah is warning Jamaicans of a cultural invasion that is threatening the country's traditional value system.

“We are losing our culture to a foreign invasion. You can see it in how the youths talk and relate to each other, the foreign sports they choose to play, the decline of West Indies cricket, and even on the nation's airwaves and TV stations with all the foreign content. The invasion is real,” the UK-based singer told Jamaica Observer.

He addresses the issue in Invasion, released July 2018 on his Abba-Taqel label.

“The invasion is subtle. You don't realise that it is happening until it is too late and the double standards are unmistakeable. Look how it easy for foreigners from almost every land to come here and own property and settle but it is so difficult for us to leave and do the same. Before you realise, we will lose our culture and what makes us uniquely Jamaican,” he said.

The singer said he would be shooting an accompanying video in Jamaica this month.

“This month is Reggae Month and I think it is quite timely to shoot the video in this period,” he said.

Born in Spanish Town, Kananjah fell in love with music at an early age. His passion grew and after graduation, he met Mikey Baskin, the son of Tony Brevett, the singer from the legendary Melodians. Baskin encouraged him to pursue music.

In 1996, he migrated to England and continued to hone his craft, recording his first official single Natural And Simple in 2006.

Other songs include Selassie Bio, Purify, and Defiance.