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Mavado puts cap on MVP series

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Mavado made headlines for crime-related incidents more than music in 2018, but the deejay had a triumphant run alongside colleagues Alkaline and Jahmiel with their Most Valuable Players (MVP) shows.

The third and final gig was a sold-out affair last Saturday at Club Amazura in Queens, New York. The previous MVP shows took place in Toronto and Montreal, Canada, in August.

“This year has been filled with some obstacles but my fans and family keep me going. This is why I chose to celebrate another year of life with my fans as they are a major part of why mi still deh yah today,” Mavado told the Jamaica Observer.

The Club Amazura show attracted 3,000 patrons. Though he had hit songs with Richer and Richer and Juggernaut, it closed a relatively quiet year for Alkaline who was the hottest ticket in dancehall last year.

It capped a busy 2018 for Jahmiel, who made maiden appearances in the United Kingdom with Tarrus Riley and Cham. He also performed in Europe and The Gambia.

For Mavado, packing a venue like Club Amazura shows dancehall still has considerable mettle in the Big Apple.

“It says the people love the culture and want to see the artistes. They want to see good line-ups and we need more promoters to give the people what they want for dancehall,” he said.

In June, the police reported that Mavado was shot at by a group of men in Cassava Piece, the St Andrew community where he grew up. They issued a June 6 deadline for him to show up at the local station for questioning, but Mavado left for the United States to fulfil contractual obligations, his lawyers said.

He has not returned to Jamaica since.

— Howard Campbell