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Munga makes most of Weekend

Observer senior reporter

Thursday, July 11, 2019

MUNGA Honorable has had an eventful past 12 months.

The deejay, who is at the centre of a murder trial, was involved in a three-way motor vehicle accident along the Mandela Highway in the vicinity of Ferry in Kingston in January. He escaped major injury, however, the multi-vehicle pile up claimed the life of Tashana Cumbermack, a 26-year-old of a Canadian address. She was reportedly in the back seat of the Toyota Axio in which the entertainer was travelling.

There was, however, a ray of hope within the pall of darkness surrounding the artiste. He released popular Nah Mad Ova No Gal, which took to local airwaves by storm.

In an interview with the Jamaica Observer, Munga Honorable said the success of that song can only be attributed to the people.

“I really can't tell you how all that come together. I just come up with something, record it and the people dem decide seh gwaan wid it go do road. So I have nothing but thanks inna my heart for this... I thank you Jamaica,” he said.

Munga Honorable is also one of the five acts listed on the new rhythm, Olympe Rose, produced by retired international track star Usain Bold to promote his champagne of the same name, created specially by French winery GH Mumm.

His song is entitled Weekend. He is hoping the song will also resonate with the people.

The rhythm's official launch was held at Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records in Kingston last Thursday. Chris Martin, former national footballer Ricardo “Bibi” Gardner, Ding Dong, and Dexta Daps are also on the rhythm.

“A brethren of mine call and said Bolt is working on a riddim so I just tell him to send it to me, I liked it and so I just recorded my track. It was a natural vibe. Remember, Usain Bolt is not new to dancehall and dancehall music. He always supporting and endorsing the music. It's not surprising, just welcoming to the fact that he is now putting the business structure around what he has always done. My track is about meeting up with the girls on the weekend. As usual, we're just singing about what we seen happening in Jamaican life. The riddim just brought all of this together,” said Munga.

Munga Honorable, whose given name is Damian Rhoden, is before the court for the murder of Cleveland Smith, who was shot and killed on February 12, 2017. He has however, declared his innocence. He is set to return to the Supreme Court on November 5.

Munga's other hits include In My Arms, Flippin Rhymes, and Bad From Me Born.