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Nazzle Man aims to be among classics

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Monday, August 06, 2018

This is the final of a 10-part series on the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's (JCDC) Jamaica Festival Song Competition which started in 1966.


NAZZLE Man, winner of the 2018 JCDC Festival Song c ontest, is optimistic his patriotic ditty will be listed among the period's classics. The song, Jamaica A Fi Wi Home , beat eight other finalists to give the singer his second lien on the title.

“I penned Jamaica A Fi Wi Home in 2016, right after I winning with No Weh Like Jamaica ... I was told I had to sit a year out, so I wrote it and put it down. There was no competition in 2017, so by 2018 I was more than ready,” he told the Jamaica Observer. “The feedback to it has been overwhelming. Everybody loves it; even the children know it word for word. The song has all the elements for a classic: mento, soca and reggae vibes. I am confident that whenever it reaches Festival time it has to get play.”

He shared the inspiration for the song.

“The song is about inviting people from the Disapora and beyond to come to Jamaica, because it's a great place to live, do business, and raise children. We have the bauxite, rum and reggae music. I put all these things into this song... Jamaica and its people are nice,” he said.

In recent years, the festival song competition has experienced a dip in interest and it was ultimately postponed in 2017. The singer believes, however, there has been “an awakening”.

“In previous years, the contestants were not doing their homework. The songs were not resonating... This year was different. A whole heap of people come out to the finals and the songs were good... The choir from the Escarpment Road New Testament Church of God give the competition a boost too. The place was packed,” he said.

Nazzle Man said he's not the least concerned about being sterotyped as a Festival singer.

“I'm the lead singer of Bare Essentials, [and]I've worked with The Dragonaires,” he said. “I'm planning to put together an EP to make Nazzle Man a household name.”