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Video: RFB was blazing hot

Observer writer

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

 WITH summer officially underway, Rum for Breakfast (RFB) was the perfect getaway for college students who wanted to let their hair down after a tough school year. It was held at the Hope Zoo in Kingston last Saturday morning.

“The Rum for Breakfast crowd, on a whole, has grown so much over the last three years and with summer, everybody coming back from school and really coming out to support, the turnout has been more than expected. We have a full house... We've had an extremely good turnout today. We're very happy for it,” co-director of Bacchanal Jamaica Michael Ammar III told the Jamaica Observer.

The director was correct in his assessment, as college students factored greatly among the patrons. Some of them expressed how excited they were to be in attendance.

“I love soca and I didn't get to attend any of the soca parties during the Carnival season that's why I'm here. I'm having a great time,” University of the West Indies student Tiffany McCarthy said.

University of Technology students Shanelle Marshall and Sydnae Taylor said it was their first time attending the series, and they planned to return.

Bacchanal Jamaica, organisers of the event, has big plans for their signature breakfast party.

“For the last couple of years, Bacchanal (Jamaica) has always done a summer party whether it was Bacchanal Dancehall..RFB, and RFB has really been the one to stick so we really anticipate that going into the future, RFB is going to be one of our flagship events,” the co-director continued.

Patrons had no reason to worry about the extreme heat, as the organisers had several measures in place to ensure a comfortable partying experience.

“We knew of course being the summer edition it's going to be hotter, but with the year so far being the way it has, we knew it was going to be extra-hot so we brought in multiple additional things to cool things down. We have wet rags, snow cones, kiskos, slushies, port-a-cools... everything to try and keep people cool while they enjoy Rum For Breakfast. We have our staple of deejays that have come out every year to support us, our clientele, and really just try to build onto the soca season version,” Ammar III added.

The crowed jumped, danced and sang along to hits from every genre provided by deejays Marlon Musique, Tyler, Nicco, Richie Ras and Duchess.

Older patrons too enjoyed the festivities of the morning.

“Rum For Breakfast is always great. I'm really having a good time, plus, I love soca music,” said musician Jason Morrison.