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Starface has eye for bad boys

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Starface is putting promotion muscle behind her latest single Badman Loving, released in May 2019.

“Women love to fall for bad boys. They are naturally drawn to men who are renegades and who have certain masculine qualities. I don't know why that it is, maybe ah just evolution or genes, but women typically love bad boys,” said the dancehall deejay.

Badman Loving is on the Frenz for Real label.

Starface said she is elated at the response.

“My IG has been blowing up. I did two promotional appearances overseas, plus I am booked to host quite a few events this summer, including 'Chug It' at the end of this month,” she said.

She has been getting major props on songs such as Ride It, featuring Maestro Don. The song, released on the Fully Aktiv rhythm on the Dane Raychords and Konsequence Muzik labels, has racked up thousands of spins on streaming sites.

The deejay got rave reviews last year for her controversial Ready video. The single was the female response to Rygin King's smash hit Tuff. It was officially released by producer Dane Ray on the Billion Music Group label.