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Vershon breaks silence

By Kediesha Perry
Observer writer

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Singjay Vershon is dismissing claims, by his former public relations manager, Shuzzr Smith, that he was barred from Bermuda as a “misunderstanding”.

“As it relates to Mr Smith, a general misunderstanding was had and that matter was subsequently dealt with, with the release of the second statement,” Vershon told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

Vershon does not believe the incident will put him or his career in a negative light.

“I'm focused on making more music, creating more art, making my fans happy — and from that happens, I'm happy as well,” he said.

Two Tuesdays ago, Smith told the Observer that Vershon was turned away at LF Wade International Airport in Bermuda on August 2, after being told that the BDA Summer Music Festival scheduled for the next day at Snorkel Park in Dockyard had been cancelled. This rendered his work permit invalid.

Smith said he was then denied entry as a tourist. The manager demanded an apology from authorities, saying Vershon was a “brand ambassador for reggae-dancehall music”.

Following the accusations, Bermuda's National Security Minister Wayne Caines said concert promoters had been told “weeks in advance” that Vershon needed a work permit to perform on the island.

Caines also stated that there was “no record of Mr Brown (Vershon) in our system”, or of an application for him to perform.

He added that three Jamaicans were allowed entry to Bermuda as visitors, but that Vershon was not among them.

Smith offered an apology to Caines' Administration, in an official release on Friday, blaming his client for misleading him. Smith subsequently parted company with the artiste.

“As it relates to the minister of national security of Bermuda, the press release has already dealt with that matter and as far as I'm concerned, that matter is now closed,” he said to Jamaica Observer queries.

The 28-year-old artiste is optimistic about performing again in Bermuda.

“Only time will tell if I will be performing in Bermuda. At the current moment, I have no contractual obligations for Bermuda,” he said.

Vershon (given name Kemar Brown) is known for songs including Inna Real Life , Weh Dem Know Bout, and My Success.