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Wayne Wonder puts signature on series

Observer writer

Monday, December 02, 2019

Wayne Wonder, 90s dancehall sensation, proved he's still a hot commodity after putting down a strong hour-long set at the Appleton Estate Signature Nights held at Peppa Thyme Restaurant on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew, last Thursday.

“I always come with the flavour, come with my heart and just pour it out,” he told Jamaica Observer about his performance.

And fans did get their fill of nostalgia as he hit the stage in stride with Dem Searching Dem Searching. With a live band, Wayne Wonder's voice was as fresh in the minds of the audience as it was when he first put down his string of hits songs like Joy Ride. By the time he dipped into the well of his collaborations with Buju Banton, the crowd was singing along.

“I'm just true to the music, just believe in what I do, and keep pushing in my own lane, not watching what's going on because I have my own fan base out there. Father Beres (Hammond) once told me: 'Wayne Wonder just sing sweet songs, they'll never get old'.”

He commented on the state of dancehall music.

“Everything was a cycle and a phase because when I was just getting into it, the people who used to do it before me used to feel what we were doing wasn't nothing. “There's always good music there, it's just what frequency you on. If you're listening to all 'skin out' and 'buss out head' that's all you going to hear, just change the frequency. Chronixx have good song, Koffee have good song, Protégé dem have good song, nuff artiste have good song,” he said.

Wayne Wonder rolled through favourites, including Saddest Day of My Life and Anything Goes, then aimed directly for the female patrons with No Letting Go, Keep them Coming, eventually dipping his toes in several covers including Freddie McGregor's Key to the City. He was joined by Frisco Kid for a quick stint before leaving the crowd wanting more with Live and Learn.

He revealed that he's touring constantly and has shows in Europe following his Appleton Estate Signature Nights appearance. He's also producing new music.

Marsha Lumley, marketing director at Gruppo Campari Jamaica, was happy with reception of the Appleton Estate Signature Nights.

“It hasn't been hard to get artistes to be a part of Appleton Estate Signature Nights. As long as they aren't booked elsewhere, they've been more than happy to participate and have the Appleton crowd hear their music,” she said.