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Xaymaca Int'l marks milestone

By Rory Daley
Observer writer

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

THE Gift of Soca: Naughty or Nice at the Kingston Waterfront on December 29 was the perfect present for Xaymaca International supporters as they celebrated the one-year anniversary of the carnival entertainment company.

“Xaymaca is really new to the scene. It has been one year. Today is our anniversary that we announced to the world that Xaymaca International is a new entity. So we wanted to give back while showcasing what Xaymaca is about,” Andrew Bellamy, director of Xaymaca International, told the Jamaica Observer.

The waterfront venue in downtown Kingston was transformed into a convenient space for the many patrons to dance up a storm, while enjoying their all-inclusive drinks under a cool star lit Jamaican Christmas sky. Leading the musical charge was Riggo Suave, fresh from New York City; veteran of many local carnivals DJ Lava of Dei Musicale; and Franco. They were joined by a special guest Cyclone from sound system Coppershot, who brought some dancehall vibes to the party.

“The people were excited about it. They love it. We have a wide demographic across our patrons and some strong sponsors onboard,” he continued.

So far, Xaymaca has been happy with their performance to date as they head into the 2018 carnival season.

“It's looking excellent for our costumes. We've seen a 200 per cent increase. So it's looking very exciting for us.”

Bellamy said their success brings with it very high expectations which they aim to meet.

“We'll be definitely doing more events. We're planning pop-up lymes and a couple fetes for the season.”