Participating Stores How to participate


  1. “Fashion’s Night Out” is a registered trademark for which Jamaica Observer Limited has been granted a license. Your registration as a participating business in Fashion’s Night Out does not constitute a license for you to use the “Fashion’s Night Out” trademark and/or logo. You are therefore NOT permitted to use the “Fashions’ Night Out” Logo and/or trademark in any advertising and promotional material, SAVE AND EXCEPT for advertising in publications of Jamaica Observer Limited.

  2. Business participants must strictly adhere to the promotions stated in their Registration Form

  3. Your failure to obey the above terms and conditions may result in your immediate removal as a participating business in Fashion’s Night Out.

  4. Business participants must not engage or participate in any promotions with any entities which compete with any of our sponsors for the period from the 20th August 2012 to 6th September 2012.