This year's Food awards comes with a new element -- Food Awards Parish Judges, who will represent the island's 14 parishes. The parish judges Dr Claudine Lewis (St James), Marina Delfos and Janet Crick (Trelawny), Camille Shields (Manchester), Andrea and Axel Wichterich (St Elizabeth), Michael Erskine (Westmoreland), Howard Pottinger (St Mary), Andrew and Lucy Salm (St Ann), Aram Zerunian (Hanover), Jon Baker (Portland), James Robertson (St Thomas), Kurt and Ezmien Chin (Clarendon), Dwight Scott (St Catherine), and Nevada Powe and Rachael Barrett (Kingston & St Andrew) will highlight popular culinary spots and hidden gems in their respective parishes by way of penning reviews that will appear in the Observer's weekly Thursday Life food section.

Click on any of the following parishes to see articles written by their corresponding Food Awards parish judges:

Hanover St. James Trelawny St. Ann St. Mary Portland Westmoreland St. Elizabeth Manchester Clarendon St. Catherine Kingston and St. Andrew St. Thomas

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