Jamaica Readies to Stir The Pot

As we ready to celebrate two decades of excellence in food service delivery and presentation, we are stepping out bolder and starting our countdown this year by encouraging all to take a long, hard look at our culinary landscape — how far we have come, and, naturally, the possibilities.

Our initial focus has been on our chefs, the master architects of our island's intoxicating flavours who are charged to introduce our island fare to us and also visitors to our shores.

The Caribbean, with its fresh fruits and natural organic soil, is still not an in-demand destination for food.

Why? Because we have not given it our all… Let's do so now as we declare Jamaica the epicentre of food and generate a global buzz as we eat our way around our beloved country.

Giving it our all means identifying a minimum of one restaurant each week and lending financial support.

We lead by example and in 2015 introduced our Parish Gems. In 2017 we asked you to Stir The Pot and join us on our island tour, which kicks off on Thursday, March 23 at Toll Gate, Clarendon, and ends on Sunday, April 30 in Old Harbour. Feel free to join us, or start your own Stir The Pot Tour, which is sponsored by iCool and Seprod.

Share your findings with us and, when we meet on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at the Formal Gardens of Devon House, let us all compare notes with the scores of the judges.


Thank you to our sponsors, readers and judges.

See you at the Awards, rain or shine!